CODE RED: Afghanistan's Rapid Return to the 8th Century

Video coming out of Afghanistan is horrifying. Women and girls are being rounded up by barbarian thugs and carted away. Afghans who worked with us are in hiding or dead. Women and girls who just a week ago could walk the streets alone, wearing dresses or attending school or just working, are now wearing burkas.


We saw a female CNN reporter report from the street wearing a burka, laughably reporting that the thugs behind her were mostly peaceful thugs. Only her face was visible but the fear was palpable.

These issues have been covered in heartbreaking detail by my colleagues Streiff and Sister Toldjah.

The subjugation of Afghan women has begun. The Taliban have made it clear that women will be subject to Sharia law. Schools will be closed to girls. Women will return to wearing bedsheets over their bodies and be abused by vicious goons.

Afghanistan’s return to the 8th Century is almost complete.



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