CODE RED: Joint Chiefs' Chairman Mark Milley Didn't See the Taliban's Speeding Truck

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley testified that he didn’t see coming that speeding Taliban truck. Apparently, he didn’t see the rapid and near-total collapse of Afghanistan.


That is a stunning and frankly damning admission. America possesses the most robust intelligence apparatus on the planet. We have both civilian and military electronic surveillance that is the envy of everyone. Even without the best electronic and human intelligence at his disposal, one would think General Milley, with several decades of experience, should have had the foresight to see this coming disaster.  If he didn’t see the oncoming wreck, he should resign. If he did see it coming and testified to the contrary, he should resign.

If he truly didn’t see this disaster speeding toward him, he’s not fit for the position he holds and he should resign.

The left loves to criticize people like me. The usual lazy insult is “Oh, you hypocrite, you loved the military when Trump was in office”.  My family has served in America’s military back to the Revolutionary War – the most recent being my eldest son who served as a SEAL for almost a decade.  I don’t criticize the men and women in harm’s way, I am critical of those who lead them.


I am critical of politicians and inept generals. Milley is apparently both. In my estimation, he stopped being a “leader of men” when he testified about wanting to “understand white rage”, the “rage he claimed fueled the January 6th riot. That testimony barely 6 weeks ago focused wholly outside the charge of our military. His focus should be our enemies abroad.  He should have been focused on a very real rage – that of the Taliban which would soon consume Afghanistan. He should have concentrated his “understanding on contingencies for getting Americans out of harm’s way before Afghanistan turned into a burning cauldron. Instead, we have thousands of Americans trapped outside the wire.

If General Milley didn’t see the speeding truck that smacked us like a bug on the grill, he needs to resign.



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