'Woke' Hollywood? New Survey Finds 'Pervasive Issues of Toxic Workplaces, Bullying and Abuse'

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Untold numbers of “Ellen” groupies were shocked — many in total disbelief — over initial “rumors” of sexual harassment, widespread workplace abuse, and overall toxicity behind the scenes of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Ellen? She’s way too woke for that! No way!



After millions of lost viewers, continuing damning accusations, a leaked apology to her staff, and God knows what else, news leaked on Wednesday that DeGeneres’s once wildly successful show will end after this season — its 19th. “My instinct told me it’s time,” she said (wink-wink), denying that the controversy played a role in the show’s demise.

Uh-huh. Sure, it didn’t.

Ellen was and remains Ellen. Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s as care less. The larger issue — even setting aside deviants like Harvey Weinstein and other various miscreants — what about Hollywood as a whole? How pervasive — or limited — is the “Hollywood problem”?

Sure, the vast majority of Hollywooders, as Ricky Gervais correctly said in his opening monologue at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, are “in no position to lecture the public about anything.” “You know nothing about the real world,” he told the smug audience. “Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

But what about Ellen-level stuff — or worse? Glad you asked.

The results from a new survey for The Hollywood Commission released on Friday found that Hollywood’s “culture of bullying, abusive behavior, and employee mistreatment continues unabated despite high-profile scandals that have drawn widespread attention to the problem,” as reported by Breitbart.

According to the survey, executive assistants continue to bear the brunt of executive misbehavior, experiencing two to three times more bullying behavior than other types of workers, according to multiple reports:


Nowhere in Hollywood is the stark power differential more visible than between executives and their assistants. That dynamic drives higher levels of abuse among assistants across all kinds of entertainment work.

“At the heart of the crisis,” reads the report, are “pervasive issues of toxic workplaces, bullying, and abuse in entertainment.”

Hollywood has systematically recruited and mistreated a vulnerable class of workers out in the open, in the name of ‘paying dues.

For there to be real and lasting culture change across Hollywood’s businesses and ranks, then it can no longer ignore how its entry-level employees are hired and treated and must provide the training, resources, and modeling necessary to stop the cycles of abuse and retaliation, full-stop.

You don’t say? Hmm. Let’s see if we can connect the dots.

  1. The vast majority of Hollywooders — including movie execs and other high-powered sorts — are left-wingers.
  2. The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

Well, look at that. Two dots.

The very people referenced by Ricky Gervais, who love nothing better than lecturing us common folk about everything from all things politics to race, culture, (im)morality, and more, fail to come even close to practicing what they preach. Why, I’m speechless.

Here’s more, via Breitbart. (Emphasis, mine.)

Among the survey’s findings was that the majority of assistants identified as female (73 percent) and of those females, 99 percent were under 40. [This doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out.]

Among this population, the reported rates of abuse were “staggeringly high,” with roughly two to three times higher than the overall sample.

The most common forms of abuse included excessively harsh criticism; insults, sarcasm or other gestures to humiliate; and being yelled at when angry.

Assistants working in talent agencies reported “alarmingly high rates of bullying behavior,” while those in the TV and movie production fields also contended high levels of workplace mistreatment.


As Ricky Gervais closed his opening monologue, he admonished nominees:

“So if you do win an award tonight … come up, accept your little award, thank your agent, and your God and f**k off, OK?”

I had the pleasure to not watch the Golden Globes, so I don’t know who won what or who thanked their agent or their God. But that last part? Right on, Ricky. In spades.


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