Biden Might Not Want to Keep Illegal Aliens out of US, but Mexico Wants to Keep Biden out of Mexico — Babylon Bee Style


Pretty much everybody on the planet knows by now that this happened on Friday:

Yeah, ol’ Joe had a bit of a challenge while attempting to conquer the stairs as he was boarding Air Force One. He fell. Three times. If there were ever an event in history created specifically for the memes that would follow, that was it. And hoo boy, the memes.

Among the no-brainers was this viral meme, shared here by our old friend, Benny Johnson.

And of course, within nanoseconds, the stairlift was dubbed “Chair Force One.”

Anyway, as the Biden Border Crisis continues to rage out of control with no end in sight, the folks over at The Babylon Bee — the best satire site in the Universe — figured that while Biden might not want to keep illegal aliens from Mexico out of the United States, Mexico must surely want to keep Biden out of Mexico, given the literal walking-disaster ol’ Joe has been during his first two months after taking up residency in the White House.

So, as The Bee figured, what better way to keep Biden out of Mexico than by installing stairs that he would be forced to conquer to get into the country? As the sign clearly reads:


As “reported” by The Bee, Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “said”:

“With the addition of these concrete stairs, our border has become completely impenetrable— for Biden, at least.

“We will take them down as soon as he shows he’s serious about mitigating this growing crisis. Until then, keep out, Biden!”

According to The Bee, the administration wasn’t initially concerned, given that Biden planned to fly to Mexico aboard Air Force One, anyway. However, said The Bee, they then remembered that Biden would need to climb stairs to get to the plane.

Check out more hilarity at The Babylon Bee. Tell them Joe sent you.