The Brutal Memes of Biden on the Stairs Are Epic and We're Here for Them

Now Joe Biden falling up the stairs was definitely the story of the day.


We’re glad to hear that he’s reportedly okay, although his team is once again playing that no real transparency game.

They threw out this nonsensical reason for him falling, as we reported earlier, claiming “it was the wind.”

Yes, there was wind but not enough to knock down a grown man. If the wind is knocking him over, that’s more of a problem. That excuse really did him no favors, as many pointed out. The Biden folks throwing that out there really didn’t think through that excuse very well.


Definitely a concerning question, as the Biden team did horribly today in response to insults from both Russia and China, with China even on American soil in Alaska when they stomped all over Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

But once people found out that Biden was okay after his fall, they were off to the races making memes about the incident and having a little fun with it all.

We posted about one of them earlier which Donald Trump, Jr. posted and that was sort of ‘fact checked’ as ‘edited’ by The Hill but there were a slew of others.

Now for all those missing Carpe Donktum, the well-known Trump meme maker, we’ll start off with his.

Donkey Kong!


And you just know Kamala is on it.

A little something wicked.

Let’s finish with Steven Inman and Mario!

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