Dems Claim 'Far-Right' Most Embraces Violence, Jordan Peterson Begs to Differ and Brings Receipts to Prove It

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Throughout the summer of 2020, we watched rampaging Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa anarchists try their damnedest to burn America’s cities to the ground and create as much chaos as possible. Or as Pelosi & Co. saw it, “justifiable peaceful protests.”


As the riots continued, night after night, week after week, month after month, Democrat after Democrat trotted out before a television camera, or onto a CNN or MSNBC set, to remind America that “far-right extremists” are far more likely to embrace violence as means to achieve political goals, and peaceful, “buy the world a Coke and teach it to sing in perfect harmony” Democrats were anything but.

In other words, the Democrat Party and its liberal media sock puppets told you not to believe your “lying” eyes, as you watched building after building torched, and small business after small business destroyed — many, permanently —along with the livelihoods of hardworking Americans who built those businesses.

Turns out the Democrats were the “misinformed” — not your eyes.

Also, turns out that white liberals are far more likely to support using violence to advance their political agenda — than any other demographic in the country. Shocked? Me, neither.

As reported by The Blaze, bestselling author and University of Toronto psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson shared data on Twitter from a poll provided by the American National Election Studies )/Time Series Study. Peterson shared a graph from the poll showing responses from white American adults across the political spectrum — from “very liberal” to “very conservative.”

Bad. And getting worse?

As summarized by The Blaze, participants were asked: “How much do you feel it is justified for people to use violence to pursue their political goals in this country?” Respondents could answer with “Not at all,” “A little,” “A moderate amount,” A lot,” and “A great deal.”


The study results were based on a total of 8,280 interviews that were conducted before the 2020 presidential election.

The graph shows each political demographic and the percentage of respondents who answered “Not at all” to the question:

“How much do you feel it is justified for people to use violence to pursue their political goals in this country?”

The graph shows the percentage of white Americans who would never consider the use of violence to advance their political goals. The results?

95.8% of “very conservative” white respondents said violence should never be used to pursue a political ambition, up from 93.3% in 2016. “Conservative” respondents were nearly identical, with 95% disavowing political violence in 2020 and 93.3% in 2016.

And the other end of the spectrum?

Leftists are more likely to embrace political violence to achieve their goals, according to the poll. Only 66.5% of “very liberal” white respondents said it was wrong to use violence as a means to an end, meaning more than one in three support it. Again, shocked? Hardly.

Democrats, of course, would blame — after first condemning the poll results — wait for it… “Trump,” the Devil’s spawn.

In another blow to the left’s narrative, along racial lines, white Americans are less likely to support the use of violence for political gain than Asians, Hispanics, and blacks. (“White supremacist” Trump’s fault.)


Obviously, American National Election Studies is a xenophobic, white-supremacist hate group. [/sarc]  Anyway, have you been to Portland, recently?

From what I hear, it’s buzzing with excitement.

While the poll results simply confirm what America’s conservatives already know: its results fall on deaf ears on the left. Facts, data, history, logic, and common sense are anathema to the left. Liberalism is about emotion. Warped emotion, but emotion just the same.


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