Bishops Whack Biden Over 'Equality Act': Goes Against 'Best Medical Advice' and 'Deeply-Held Moral, Religious Convictions'

Bishops Whack Biden Over 'Equality Act': Goes Against 'Best Medical Advice' and 'Deeply-Held Moral, Religious Convictions'
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Of all the things Joe Biden congratulates himself about, his support for women’s rights, and his Catholic faith are at least in the top five if not the top two spots. He fancies himself a “devout Catholic,” and like all good Democrats, he has railed against the Republican “war on women” for decades. In both cases, Biden’s actions consistently belie his words.

In a Saturday article titled Women’s Rights? Biden Pushes Elimination of Legal Recognition of Sexes, Designation of Pro-Life as ‘Pregnancy’ Discrimination, I reported on Biden’s enthusiastic endorsement of the dreadfully misnamed Equality Act, which on Friday he urged Congress to “swiftly pass.” Problem is, there is nothing “equal” about the bill.

That is, unless by “equality,” the Democrats mean the elimination of the legal recognition of males and females, catering to so-called “gender ideology,” designation of opposition to abortion as “pregnancy” discrimination, and superseding “the best medical advice,” and “deeply-held moral and religious convictions” of tens of millions of Americans.

Conservatives are hardly alone in their staunch opposition to the troublesome legislation.

As reported by Breitbart on Saturday, Catholic bishops across America, along with other faith leaders, first expressed their concerns and urged Congress not to pass the legislation in a 2019 letter, correctly noting that the Act would be particularly damaging to the rights of women and religious freedom.

The religious said the Act “hinders quality health care, endangers the privacy and safety of women and girls, regulates free speech, severely undermines religious freedom, and threatens charitable nonprofits and the people they serve.”

Via Breitbart:

The proposed legislation is not about treating all people “with equal dignity and respect,” they noted, but would “mandate that all health care professionals and providers perform gender transition procedures that go against many such providers’ best medical judgment, not to mention their deeply held moral or religious convictions.”

The legislation would also “undermine civil rights for women and girls by opening restrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities to biological males who identify as female,” they declared. “Women and girls deserve access to private spaces when they visit their local gym or use the restroom.”

The bill also “threatens to halt the advances women’s sports have achieved” by allowing “those with physical advantages to compete against women and obtain scholarships and other awards at the expense of women,” they said.

Additionally, five chairmen of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference separately condemned the Equality Act, noting that it would “impose sweeping new norms that negatively impact the unborn, health care, charitable services, schools, personal privacy, athletics, free speech, religious liberties, and parental rights.”

And on Friday, in an op-ed for CNS News, Catholic League President Bill Donohue strongly denounced the attempt to impose gender ideology on American citizens in the name of “equality.” “The Equality Act is, without a doubt, the most radical assault on religious liberty, the right to life, and privacy rights ever packaged into one bill,” Donohue declared, calling out Biden by name.

“President Biden has been in office for just over a month and already he is on a collision course with the bishops. It reached a new level today when he issued a statement endorsing the Equality Act; next week it will be voted on in the House and will also be reintroduced in the Senate.

“Biden sees the Equality Act as granting “dignity and respect” to everyone, making sure that ‘America lives up to our foundational values of equality and freedom for all.’ He says it is needed because ‘LGBTQ+ Americans” have been denied “full equality.'”

In an extraordinary rebuke, Donohue suggested that Biden has been “dishonest” in his support of the Act. Oh, noes! Say it ain’t so, Joe!

“This is a dishonest account. If the bill were as benign as Biden says it is, why would the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) be so adamantly opposed to it?

“The bishops have not been fooled. The Equality Act is, without a doubt, the most radical assault on religious liberty, the right to life, and privacy rights ever packaged into one bill.

“When Archbishop José Gomez, chairman of the USCCB, warned in November that some of Biden’s policies were troubling, he explicitly mentioned  ‘the passage of the Equality Act.’

“As the bishops have previously noted, it could gut the autonomy of Catholic hospitals, especially with regards to reproductive issues.

“It could also be used to compel Catholic schools to grant boys access to the locker rooms and shower facilities of girls.”

Donohue said he would release “detailed objections” to the Equality Act this week.

It takes neither a staunch conservative nor a proverbial rocket scientist to see that the Equality Act is anything but equal in respect to women and the unborn. On the contrary, it is perfectly clear that the legislation is specifically, if not solely designed to cater to the LGBTQ community — at the expense of women and unborn children.

To understand the illogical “logic” of the so-called “Equality Act” —and Democrats in general — one must understand the so-called “progressive” mindset. Democrats form opinions, make policy decisions, and support or oppose multiple issues based on where said issue ranks on the whacked-out progressive totem pole.

In the case of the Equality Act, the LGBTQ community ranks at least one notch above the legitimate rights of women and girls. Therefore, Democrats have no problem whatsoever with throwing women and girls under the bus in deference to the LGBTQ crowd.

And of course, we already know where unborn children rank.

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