Noted Science and Education Expert Joy Behar Suggests Kids Just 'Repeat the Year' Instead of Returning to School

Evan Agostini

You ever stop and ponder the magnitude of the depth of knowledge “The View” clown co-host Joy Behar has been able to cram up her into her brain? Me neither, but the best part is Behar is not only one of the least self-aware people on TV; she is also totally clueless of the fact that she insists on proving how moronic she is on a daily basis.


Let’s put it his way, snagging a line from the old movie, “As Good as It Gets.” The best thing Joy Behar has going for her is her willingness to humiliate herself on a daily basis.

Okay, enough digression.

As the battle continues to rage across the country over if and when to return America’s school kids to in-person learning, Centers for Disease Control officials are now “urging a return to classroom instruction as soon as possible, citing evidence showing it is safe with the right health protocols,” as reported by The New York Times.

Indeed, multiple studies have arrived at the same conclusion; some of them, months ago.

However, there’s just one problem.

The CDC, for some unknown reason, failed to check with Joy Behar before releasing their evidence. And lemme just tell ya, “Dr. Behar, BfD,” is not happy about it.

“Sending kids back to school this year is so fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Why not just have everyone repeat the year? Is that such a far out [sic] idea?”


Wait — huh? What does that even mean? “Repeat the year.” Where? How? As our friends over at Twitchy asked, what about the kids who are ready to start kindergarten in the next school year? What about graduating seniors? “Fraught with anxiety and uncertainty,” “Dr.” Behar? You ain’t see nothin’, yet — if your far-out idea were to be adopted.

New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz wanted a word with Behar to talk about “the sane parts of the country,” where the science was followed, and “kids had a fairly normal year.”

“What are people in all the sane parts of the country, who followed the science and the scientists, whose kids had a fairly normal year that all of ours kids should have had, going to do?”

Excellent question, “Dr.” Behar.


This Twitter user raised an issue that the Left doesn’t want to talk about — and hasn’t from the beginning. As is the case with adults, in many cases, the damage caused to children by long-term COVID lockdowns.

“Millions of parents terrified for their children’s wellbeing [sic] because they are not in school. Suicides and depression are spiking among kids separated from their friends and normal lives. How about just opening the damn schools for those who want to attend? Is that so far out?”

Here are just a few examples of the reality that clowns like Joy Behar fail or refuse to see, the reason being they’re much more interested in shooting off their uninformed mouths, telling the rest of us what to do, think, and how to live our lives.

Surveys suggest that children are absorbing the same grown-up worries and stress that are driving a surge of anxiety or depression among U.S. adults, while the normal outlets for defusing those tensions have evaporated.


@parentsmagazine notes COVID health measures curbed many common illnesses in children. However, we’ve seen a rise in depression & anxiety. How are your children doing during these times? What strategies do you use to address their fears & anxieties?”

“We’re seeing depression, anxiety, loneliness and it could be the next big crisis after Covid with a number of children and young people needing that mental health support”


“Covid-19: Depression in children at “frightening levels”, UK doctors warn

Some of the UK’s top experts in child health have said that anxiety, self-harm and suicidal thoughts are at ‘frightening levels.’”

But, hey. If “The View” and its “well-informed” co-hosts are your thing? Never mind.



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