Hollywood LOL: Alyssa Milano Tweets 'Show Me What Democracy Looks Like!' — Then Censors Who Can Reply

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Alyssa Milano’s back for more, folks, and you know what that means. On Planet Looney Tunes, otherwise known as Hollywood, no one quite stands out, in my mind, at least, quite like Ms. Milano. I realize how stiff the competition is, but this is a woman who claims she “loves” and “believes” in God, yet once used the Bible to justify abortion.


In an October 2018 Facebook post, the Republican Security Council posted multiple examples of Milano going off the deep end of the Trump Derangement Syndrome swimming pool, before accurately summing her up thusly:

This is Alyssa Milano interpreted:

“There you go again, explaining the facts to me. I hate Trump. My hate is more important than your facts. When you want to hate, one reason is as good as another!”

I mean, what do you call someone that irrational?

Alrighty, then. Works for me.

Anyway, in today’s installment of “Alyssa News,” the far-left activist/sometimes-actress decided to conduct a little survey on Twitter. Milano wanted to know what democracy means to people other than herself. As she put it — in all-caps, with an exclamation point, for super-excited effect: “SHOW ME WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!”


Needless to say, I was pretty excited to show Alyssa Milano “what democracy looks like” to me, so I fired up the Twitter machine to tell her, and when I clicked on her tweet to respond?

Just one problem.

Yeah. “Who can reply? People Alyssa Milano follows or mentioned can reply.” Apparently, I am not a member of either select group. Caleb Hull is apparently not a member of either group, either.

“Token White Guy” described the survey as “Democracy Alyssa Milano Style.”

First, send out a tweet asking others to show “what democracy looks like.”

Second, block anyone who you don’t personally follow from being able to reply to the tweet.

You don’t think Sweet Alyssa only wanted to hear from people who think like she does, do you?


This Twitter user thought that Milano perhaps “confused fascism with democracy.” “It’s a mistake with the Left,” he said. That it is.

“Sweet Freedom” pointed to the liberal echo chamber as the problem.

“Is there anybody more out of touch with their own stupidity?”, “NobodyCares” asked.

Finally, this was my favorite burn.

Given the target-rich environment that Alyssa Milano is, I’ve enjoyed writing about her along the way. That happened twice in August. In an article titled She Mad! ‘Hair-Losing’ Alyssa Milano Admonishes America: ‘Wear a Damn Mask!’ During Viral Hair-Brushing Video, I reported on the self-appointed mask policewoman getting extra snippy with people who commit the horrific crime of going mask-less. Two weeks later, I reported on my favorite Alyssa Milano story of the year — so far — in an article titled In Lighter News, Rose McGowan & Alyssa Milano Duke It Out in Political Twitter Spat — Then It REALLY Gets Nasty. All I’ll say is hoo-boy did the claws come out in that one!


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Vote like your life depends on it, folks — and take along a friend or five with you.



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