Man's Approved Pro-Trump Billboard Abruptly Taken Down; Ah, Sweet Revenge

Man's Approved Pro-Trump Billboard Abruptly Taken Down;  Ah, Sweet Revenge
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Nashua, New Hampshire, resident Dave Streit is a “yuuge” fan of President Donald Trump. So “yuuge” that Streit paid $2,600 to a sign company to erect a “Trump Country” billboard in downtown Nashua, which was supposed to remain from Oct. 6 through Election Day.

But, as reported by the New Hampshire Union Leader, Streit was notified last Monday that the “Trump Country” message on the billboard would be removed within the next couple of business days due to complaints. By the following morning, the sign was gone.

MaryAnne Carpenter, an account executive with Outfront Media, said in an email to Streit:

“Unfortunately, we had complaints from our property owners regarding political ads. This is both Republican and Democrat. We’ve been asked to remove certain copy on certain boards throughout the state — one of which is your location on Main Street in Nashua.”

“Free speech just got thrown out the window,” Streit told the Union Leader, adding that he urged the company to reconsider, to no avail. On Tuesday, an hour before learning that the sign had already been removed, he said:

“They will not leave that sign up, I don’t hold it against any of them, but what perturbs me is that one or two complaints can make it come down — from just the mere mention of the president.”

Ironically, Streit and his family moved to New Hampshire from Connecticut for what he thought at the time was a good reason.

“We are political refugees. We watched what liberals did to Connecticut, so we moved here to New Hampshire where you live free or die, and no sooner than we get here we are getting canceled. It is disgusting.”

Streit said he was sure the sign would still be standing if it were pro-left. Even then, he said, he would have defended the Left’s right to display a message with which he disagreed.

“Even if someone on the left wanted to put a sign up, I would defend their right to have the sign up — that is freedom of expression. Hang together or hang alone.”

To Streit’s point, as tweeted by “OhCalamity” — a Democrat who inadvertently made his point for him — this sign at a gas station was just fine.

Ah, the sweet revenge.

As the Union Leader reported in an updated story on Friday, after Streit’s “Trump Country” billboard was abruptly removed from its prominent location in downtown Nashua, he has since contracted with another agency that now has his ad featured on five billboards throughout southern New Hampshire.

“I was able to get a great deal on several electronic billboards that were up and running within four hours,” Streit said on Friday. #KarmaBites, New Hampshire lefties.

Streit told the paper he was the victim of “cancel culture,” but said he doesn’t hold any animosity toward Outfront Media or the property owners of the building on which his original billboard was displayed. Instead, he said, he blames the liberal media.

“My outrage lies with the liberal media that has created this hostile environment toward the president. A person should be able to put up a Trump Country sign during an election cycle.”

Amen, Mr. Streit.

In addition, a conservative should be able to express his or her political preferences on social media as well without fear of being censored by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey or Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, based solely on their left-wing ideology, regardless of the bald-faced lies “justification” they mouthed before the Senate Commerce Committee last week.

And why is Dave Streit such a “yuuge” supporter of the president?

“I think that Trump was the most unlikely conservative imaginable, and he has delivered on every single promise, and we will never have a president like him again.”

To Streit’s last point, we can rest assured that the left-media lapdogs of the Democrat Party will do their sniveling, dishonest best to make sure we “never have a president like him again,” whether Trump wins re-election, or not. But, oh, if he wins, how much fun will the next four years be, watching Fredo Cuomo, Don Lemon, Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, & Co. whip themselves into histrionic frenzies on a nightly basis?

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