Sorority Member Shares Conservative Views on Social Media; Now She's on Probation for 'Unbecoming Conduct'

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On today’s episode of “The No-Longer Hallowed Halls of Academia,” a University of Kansas student has been put on probation by the school’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for “conduct unbecoming a member” for posting her political views on social media.

In other words, sophomore Katherine Lauer posted conservative content.

As reported by Fox News, Lauer shared documents with the news outlet that shows she was sanctioned by the sorority for “argumentative communication […] as a result of your social media posts.” In other words, she argued against her suspension?

As part of the terms of her probation, Laurer was told to take a “social media posting holiday” (censored) for a week to do a “personal reflection and cleanse” — and watch a video selected by the sorority’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, according to Fox.

Hold the bus.

“A personal reflection and cleanse”? Watch a video selected by the “Diversity and Inclusion Committee”? Is it just me, or does this have “Kim Jong-un and North Korean ‘re-education’ camps” written all over it?

The kerfuffle began after Lauer shared a tweet from conservative activist Candace Owens, who is Black, which was highly critical of Black Lives Matter, in which Owens (correctly) calls BLM “the most flagrantly racist organization in America.”

“Black Lives Matter is an organization of white men, using the faces of dead Black people,” Owens wrote in a September tweet, “to raise millions of dollars toward electing White Democrats into positions of power.”

“Exhibit A”

According to the documents obtained by Fox, other social media posts by Lauer focused on pro-life stances and comments made by Joe Biden in which he incorrectly claimed that 200 million people died from the coronavirus pandemic, among other topics.

Is it just me, or are you also failing to see the problem, here?

Lauer told Fox News that she believes she’s been unfairly targeted by other members of her sorority. In a series of text messages she shared, she was told her her posts were “hurtful” and as a white woman, it was “not her place to state who is racist and who is not,” in reference to Donald Trump.

Laurer said that when she asked what she did wrong, she received a reply saying that the decision to suspend her was “not claiming you have broken a bylaw or rule, but that you have had conduct unbecoming of a member of Theta as the values you have been making public through social media and text communications went against Theta’s values and disrespected women of our chapter.”

There it is. She didn’t break any bylaws or rules, she just demonstrated behavior “unbecoming of a member” of an organization subject to control by progressive groupthink.

“Against Theta’s values”? Nonsense. Against progressive groupthink in 2020 America.

Now for the shocker. Sitting down?

Lauer’s sorority has taken no action against those posting “aggressive” attacks on President Trump and his policies.

Laurer told Fox she still doesn’t know what she did wrong.

“At this point, you know, I still don’t know exactly what I’ve done and to me, I feel like they’re really trying to suppress me and silence me. I’ve had actually a lot of Thetas reach out to me and thank me for my post and say that they really appreciated my bravery because a lot of the conservative friends that I have do not feel comfortable speaking their opinion. It’s almost like, you know, where it’s just the environment that everyone feels suppressed.”

Not “everyone,” Katherine. Only conservative “everyones.”

And that’s the ugly truth no one wants to say out loud. Do the same “standards” apply to students on college campuses who express their “progressive” opinions?

All together now: “Oh hell no.”

Lauer is scheduled to be “re-evaluated” by the Kappa Alpha Theta advisory board next Monday.

“If at this meeting it is determined that you have successfully met all terms of probation,” the probation letter reads, “and the advisory board feels that you are ready to become a member or new member in good standing, this extended discretionary probation status will be lifted.”

Big Brother (Sister) has spoken.

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