Can't Make It Up: NYT Editorial Board Member Insists Paper Is 'Not' a 'Partisan Newspaper'

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No, this is not a satire piece. Don’t get me wrong; it’s real. Really hilarious, that is.

On Tuesday’s “episode” of “TheReidOut” on MNSNC, Trump-loathing host Joy Reid conducted business as usual; yet another round of hateful anti-Trump rhetoric with guests selected solely for that purpose.

Reid propping up stooge Michael Steele as the gold-standard Republican, to kick things off. Any Republican not in the vein of Steele — and the equally Trump-loathing Lincoln Project PAC, founded by Never-Trumper Republicans — was deemed by Reid to be “cowardly.”

Reid slobbered all over Steele, suggesting it was a tough decision for him to support Biden over Trump because he’s “very much a Republican.” I know that your ideology hasn’t changed, which is why it’s so fun to debate with you,” she gushed. Oh, please.

Here’s Steele explaining why he’s dumping (on) Trump.

“This has been in the making for some time in watching a lot of the things that I valued as a Republican…just get side-stepped. This president has come to represent for me an enormous character flaw in the office.”

Yeah, yeah.

But the Steele stooge thing wasn’t the funniest part of the show. That honor went to New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay claiming — with a straight face, mind you — that The Times was “actually not partisan.” No, really.

Fasten your seat belts, folks, because this gets even more hilarious.

While talking about the NYT’s endorsement of Biden, Gay insisted it was not for “partisan” reasons. Instead? The Grey Lady endorsed 77-year-old, mentally-failing Joe Biden to “save our democracy,” America. As for minor stuff like the nominees’ positions, policies, and other “trivia”?  We can “have policy debates later,” she said.

“When The New York Times endorsed Joe Biden, we didn’t do it because The New York Times is a partisan newspaper. We’re actually not partisan.

“I think we did it because we see him as the best chance at saving our democracy and can have policy debates later.

“I know Michael and I had them too. This isn’t about — this election Democrat or Republican. This is really about right and wrong and saving the soul of the nation.”

The scariest part? This woman and other liberal elitists actually believe what she just said. And if you don’t? You’re stupid, irrelevant, and don’t matter — take a seat.

In other words, The exalted New York Times only has your best interests at heart, America.

Besides, you’re too stupid to know what you don’t know. So after they save our democracy — save us from ourselves — then we’ll debate policy issues. Uh-huh.

I’ll “go out on a limb” and suggest those policies the NYT supports will come right out of the Progressive Democrat Playbook —  the same book that will serve as an owner’s manual for Joe’s minders in the event he wins the election.

As reported by NewsBusters, Gay also praised Steele’s endorsement of Joe Biden as an example of “country over” policy because, you know, the election is actually about right and wrong and democracy or something much darker,” only made worse by Trump having “no rescue plan for the American people.”

Got arrogance? Here’s the deal, Mara. Donald Trump could singlehandedly cure cancer and you and your smug pals at the NYT and elsewhere would skewer him for putting oncologists out of work — and you know it.

The bottom line.

Ya know, I sometimes wonder if we’re too hard on leftists like Joy Reid. I mean, she’s just trying to save us from ourselves. folks. Kind of a “re-education thing”, if you will. The same case could be made for the ladies of “The View.”

For example, in my Sunday article titled Noted Infectious Disease Expert Hosts of ‘The View’: Trump Never Had COVID; He Faked It, Drs. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar — both of whom are world-renowned experts on emerging and infectious diseases — told us that Donald Trump never tested positive for COVID-19 in the first place; he faked the whole thing. See what I mean?

Note to self: stop being so mean to Trump-loathing left-wing loons. It’s very unbecoming.