'You Lying FRAUD': Candace Owens: 1, Cardi B: 0 — Final Score in Vicious Twitter Battle About Biden, Racism & Taxes

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Well, that was ugly. Or really fun, depending on one’s political persuasion. Either way, this one was pretty much over before it started.

Not only did Candace Owens thoroughly whup Cardi B’s butt in an awesome back-and-forth Twitter battle; the hapless, overmatched rapper showed up with a teeny little pocket knife to do battle with one of the young, articulate big guns of the conservative movement.

Wait — knife and gun reference. Too soon?

The festivities began when Owens tweeted a video clip from a recent interview she did Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, in which she chastised Joe Biden for finally coming out of his basement, only to do an interview with Cardi B, of all people.

“Like Kanye West; he’s never really written about grab a gat, and just go out and kill people. But unfortunately, today, that’s the majority of what rap has become, right? So I completely agree with your assessment about Cardi B. It is one of the biggest insults.

“If Black Americans are not insulted by the fact that Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement for an entire year, made an appearance and came out because he was going to do an interview with Cardi B; do we have nothing better to offer?

“I mean this would be akin to Donald Trump saying ‘I’m going to do no interviews,’ but he came out and did an interview with Justin Bieber.”

OUCH. Candace Owens drops mic, walks off stage. She didn’t, of course — but she could have. Not bad, when you can light up both Biden and Cardi B in three devastating sentences.

Game on.

Cardi B thought the fact that she has “the #1 song” was credibility enough to warrant a sit-down with Biden — which to Democrats, is oddly true, but that’s another discussion for another time. Anyway, calling Cardi B an empty vessel would be a slight to empty vessels.

Given that Owens speaks English, she wanted to clarify with Cardi B what the rapper just said — or tried to.

Apparently stunned by Owens’s connecting jab, Cardi B decided to lean into a left hook, again referring to her dopey song — and tossing in a dose of incoherent babble, for good measure.

Um, wrong move, B. Owens deftly moved to taxes.

As to be expected, B bit — hook, line, and sinker.

And on it went.

At that point, Owens asked Cardi B to produce a few facts to back up her claims. Facts to the Left are like crucifixes and holy water to vampires, you know.

She then introduced to Cardi B a few relevant facts.

Ah, but B, ever the glutton for punishment, came back for more.

Finally, Owens took the kill shot, reminding B of how very Democrat she was behaving.

Final score. Game, set, match. Thanks for playing, B. Moral of the story: Never fight a battle of wits, with no ammunition.

The bottom line:

While you likely couldn’t care less about Cardi B — or maybe even Candace Owens — this back-and-forth catfight was a quintessential example of Left vs. Right. To the Right, facts matter. History matters. Logic matters. Common sense matters. Reality matters.

To the Left, it’s all about emotion. Good emotion, bad emotion, and every emotion in between. Moreover, trying to get liberals to see reality is tantamount to trying to get Michael Moore to switch out his Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese for low-fat, sugar-free smoothies.

Ain’t gonna happen. Hence, the need for popcorn. Lots of popcorn.

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