Gene Simmons: Why Does Anybody Give A Squat what Celebs Think? (Video)

Leave it to Gene Simmons, founder and face of rock band, KISS, to summarize the whole obsession with celebrities and politics on a recent appearance on Fox & Friends. “Why does anybody give a squat”, Simmons answered bluntly in response to questions about KISS performing at the inauguration.


Simmons has been known to speak his mind on such things though, which is why he’s a frequent guest on Fox News programs. Still he makes some really solid points in under 90 seconds, on politics, celebrities, terrorism… There’s some wisdom in the man’s words here, yeah… I said it….just watch:

“Everything has become so polarized, people should just give it a rest”. The aging rocker explained that our real enemies are those in Al Qaeda and ISIS, who don’t care if we’re “Republican or Democrat”. He goes on to recommend that everyone “move on” after the election, accept the results and remember we’re all a part of the “American Party”. From the mouths of Reality Star, Glam Rockers from Outer Space…. am I right?


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