Infections Same/Dramatically INCREASED in Top 2 COVID-Vacc'd Countries; Alarming Late-Term Miscarriages

Axios has been as reliable a friend to the COVID-19 “vaccine” manufacturers as any of their blue media brethren.

Just yesterday, they ran a headline featuring Pfizer’s very own Ronald McDonald (though admittedly he better resembles the diminutive Hamburglar) shilling their product to the non-white demographic: Fauci: COVID vaccine rollout needs to prioritize people of color.

So, I’ll just leave the other less marketing-oriented and more informative headline Axios ran yesterday here:

Israel’s COVID crisis deepens even as the vaccination rate climbs


I’ve already explained that—as the term is universally defined—the experimental tech that was never even tested on humans ’til a few months back used in both the Pfizer and more-recently-available Moderna COVID-19 prophylactics are NOT vaccines.


Very Frail “Should Probably NOT Be Vaccinated,” Says Top Norwegian Doc After 13 Elderly Deaths Linked to Pfizer’s Experimental Concoction

But the data coming in on Pfizer’s rushed-to-market mad-science brew paints an even bleaker picture than that Axios headline suggests.

The two countries with the highest jab-rates are Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

More than half of Israelis have already had their first shot, with 21% of those over 16 and a whopping 70% in the highest-priority group (medical workers and people over 60) already having received their second and final jab.

In the UAE, just shy of 30% have been jabbed once. I wasn’t able to find any data on the percentage of UAE residents who’ve gotten both shots. But if their rates mirror those in Israel, it’ll turn out to be pretty significant.

Yet, the UAE has somehow, nonetheless, seen a jaw-droppingly steep rise in infections that just so happened to begin exactly when they started administering the deceptively named COVID-19 “vaccine.”

And, as the world’s indispensable source for all things COVID, Alex Berenson, reports, though Israel didn’t wind up with the same dramatic increase in cases the UAE experienced, their incredibly high jab-rates, nonetheless, don’t seem to have done a damn thing to ameliorate the virus’s spread.

Indeed, It seems the Israelis are suffering more severe cases of COVID-19 as well as more fatalities than ever.

Now, as the New York Times reported, it turns out that “Israel made a deal with Pfizer in which the drug company ensured the country an early and steady supply of vaccines in exchange for data.”

And, as Berenson notes, the data released so far appears to suggest that Pfizer’s experimental concoction is more effective than Israel’s all-time-high severe-case and death rates would suggest.

Things, however, aren’t always quite as they seem.

For one thing, Israeli officials have been VERY careful to dampen any expectations by emphasizing the preliminary nature of their data. Indeed, not only did the New York Times report on those qualifications in their article—they even made a point of featuring them in the subheader.

And the Israeli official from the outfit that crunched the numbers has been similarly careful to emphasize that they might not ultimately mean much.

And, unlike those record-breaking post-jab infection and case rates, there are very basic questions concerning how the Israeli data seeming to indicate effectiveness was collected to which we don’t yet know the answers.

Moreover, as Berenson helpfully notes, it’s not at all easy to make sense of Israel’s self-admitted preliminary data on effectiveness given the all-time-high severe-cases and death numbers they’re seeing.

Finally, Berenson also throws a big bucket of cold water on any reports you’ve seen that cases declined in Israel over the weekend.

So, at present, the preliminary data coming out of the two countries that have managed to administer shots to a significant percentage of their population doesn’t look so good in terms of showing effectiveness. The enormously steep rise in cases the UAE experienced looks down-right disastrous and the data from first-place Israel is, taken together, inconclusive at best.

But Berenson, who mustn’t sleep or take many breaks, has also been advising us on some very much more disturbing news.

It seems there have been some alarming reports of pregnant women suffering late-term miscarriages immediately after getting a shot of Pfizer’s experimental tech.

As well as many more reports of women suffering less serious complications that, nonetheless, cast those late-term miscarriages in a much darker light.

To make matters worse, a biotech researcher has given a vastly more alarming take on the risk of miscarriage any pregnant women who consent to getting jabbed with Pfizer or Moderna’s concoction might be taking on:

Indeed, though thanks to our reprehensible drive-by media you likely haven’t heard anything about it, some women might have been saved the extraordinary pain of losing a child in the womb had the World Health Organization’s advice that pregnant women abstain been more widely reported.

And WHO’s advice that pregnant women avoid the new deceptively named COVID-19 “vaccines” was given despite their claim that “pregnancy puts women at a higher risk of severe COVID-19.”

Both Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 prophylactics use the same experimental tech. And the January 26 WHO recommendations Berenson cites only technically apply to Moderna’s product and say nothing about the first and more widely distributed one Pfizer is peddling.

However, WHO gave basically the same advice implying that all but a tiny percentage of pregnant women ought to abstain from getting jabbed with either product on January 25.

As I noted a few weeks back in a story reporting some other alarming news about Pfizer’s mad-science brew…

You do what you want, obviously. But I wouldn’t let any elderly person I cared about be subjected to Pfizer’s experiment in genetic manipulation risibly being palmed off as just a regular old run-of-the-mill vaccine under any circumstances.

Heck, given that everyone involved knows full well that—should disaster ensue—the media will be happy to blame it all on the dreaded Orange Man rushing the manufacturers to get it done before the election and even make up any necessary quotes from “anonymous sources familiar with the matter” along the way…well, you draw your own conclusions. But it wouldn’t surprise me all that much if it turned out such stories were already written and filed away for future use before the first jab.

And I probably should have made it clear that nothing on earth would induce me to become one of Pfizer’s guinea pigs myself either.

But, full disclosure:

Since I don’t have any children, the issue of whether and when people ought to get vaccinated is something to which I’ve paid little attention and, hence, don’t really have any firm opinions about one way or another.

My concerns are with a very specific experimental technology that, in any event, doesn’t even meet the definition of a vaccine.

But, if you’re one of those people who reflexively plugs their ears and starts yelling anti-vaxer, science-denialist, conspiracy theorist, or any of the other mantras the blue media trains imbeciles to use as a means to block out information they’d prefer we not hear…

Then, by all means, line up and get yourself a shot of at the earliest possibility.

Don’t worry at all about how experimental the tech Pfizer and Moderna are pushing is or the fact that no pharmaceutical firm was even willing to enter the race to rake in billions selling a COVID-19 prophylactic until they were granted immunity from liability should anything go wrong.

Indeed, I hope everyone who’s bought into the propaganda campaign pushing Pfizer and Moderna’s product ignores all the reasons to avoid them like the plague and rushes out to get jabbed ASAP.

Such clueless zombies are, after all, responsible for facilitating the COVID-19-inspired atrocity that was inflicted on the American people in 2020 and which, sadly, continues unabated with no end in sight.

So it’s only fitting that they become guinea pigs given the unbelievable amount of hardship misery and death their stupidity has visited on the rest of us.

As I noted at the end of yesterday’s piece explaining the grim and atrocious details:

It’s Time We Started Counting the Victims of Anthony Fauci’s Lockdowns & Asking Ourselves How Likely It Is They Weren’t Intended




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