When Democrats and Bureacrats Flout Their Own COVID Rules, Something Far More Sinister Than Mere Unfairness or Hypocrisy Is Revealed

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Sometimes we all need to sacrifice some of our freedom for the common good.

But not all such sacrifices work the same way.

Suppose, for example, that food becomes scarce enough to require rationing lest we face mass starvation. if our political leaders allotted themselves double the rations that everyone else got, they wouldn’t be inflicting any noticeable extra burden on the rest of us. In a nation of 325 million people, the portions they’d be skimming from each would be infinitesimally small. And, of course, the skimming would benefit themselves.

They’d still, nonetheless, be still guilty of a serious transgression. Because they’d benefited from exempting themselves from the rationing scheme they imposed on the rest of us without really inflicting any harm, they’d be guilty of unfairness. If almost everyone needs to make a sacrifice to forestall some disaster, it’s just not fair that a few get exempted even if no harm is done.

Those are the sorts of cases our mind naturally focuses on when we’re asked to do our part and accept some burden. As such, the almost daily flagrant violations of the rules inflicted on us in response to COVID-19 by their most enthusiastic proponents have naturally led to cries they’re being applied unfairly.

Protestors blatantly violate edicts on social distancing with the approval of the Democrats, media figures, and bureaucrats who insist that our churches and businesses must be shut down and one immediately wants to yell, “Unfair.”

Dr. Fauci sits shoulder-to-shoulder with two friends in the cramped seating of a baseball stadium, the wonderful day he’s having apparent for everyone to see by the smile on his unmasked face, and “Unfair” is the natural admonition.

Those morning Rep. John Lewis express their grief at a perfectly normal crowded funeral while ordinary citizens must limit the number of loved one’s saying a last farewell to their dearly departed to 10. “Unfair,” one wants to say.

Andrew Cuomo attends a round-table discussion where he’s the only one not wearing a mask, exchanges gifts with another participant, and even hugs him and pats him on the back while normal Americans aren’t permitted to even be in the same room with close friends and family. It just immediately seems so unfair.

Every day brings a new violation of the COVID-19 edicts by those most insistent that the rest of us follow them to the letter and each time, quite naturally, we condemn them for not applying the rules consistently and call them out for being unfair.

It’s natural to do so. But it’s also the gravest possible error.

The rules laid down in response to COVID-19 aren’t like rationing imposed during a food shortage.

The burden they inflict on us isn’t meant to merely save everyone else. It’s meant to save us too. The idea is that anyone violating the COVID-19 rules does so at his own peril.

They’re like restrictions on being outside during a tornado. When we see our leaders exempting themselves or they’re followers whenever it suits them, it doesn’t mean they’re being unfair about distributing a burden they believe is necessary to avert some crisis.

It means they don’t really believe there’s any crisis at all.

It means the whole thing is just one big hoax.

If Fauci really believed any of his relentless fear-mongering about COVID-19, would he risk his life and those of his friends by failing to wear a mask or keep six feet away?

If the Democrats and media figures really believed that there’s a killer virus floating around that requires us to not gather in large numbers for our own safety, John Lewis’s mourners and social justice protestors are the last people they’d want to see subjecting themselves to the risk of catching it.

If they believed any of the garbage they’d be less worried about Churchgoers and gym owners following their rules and, instead, be assiduous about doing so themselves and making sure their political brethren do as well.

The way they constantly break restrictions allegedly put in place against COVID-19 is so flagrant that it’s become hard not to suspect they’re rubbing our faces in it. But, if so, it’s not their unfairness with which we’re being taunted.

They’re not even being unfair. Unfairness barely counts as a sin compared to what to the guilt their actions really lay bear.

They clearly don’t believe a word about the deadliness of COVID-19 and are perpetuating history’s most infamous hoax on the American people in order to inflict as much completely unnecessary hardhip, misery, and death on us as they can.

Nothing could be more obvious.

How could they possible violate rules that they hysterically insist the rest of us follow if they thought doing so put them in mortal danger?

No other conclusion is possible.

The fact that exemptions were made for John Lewis’s mourners isn’t unfair. It means the whole thing is a hoax.

The fact that politicians, bureaucrats, and the media explicitly said that it was okay to go out and protest against the police isn’t unfair. It means none of them believes a word of the garbage they’ve been using to frighten the rest of us out of our wits these past five months.

The fact that Fauci sat snugly between two friend watching a baseball game isn’t unfair. It means he can’t possibly think there’s any risk in doing so.

In some emergencies, our leaders impose burdens on us not just to save everyone else, but for our own safety.

When they flagrantly violate those kinds of rules, they’re not being hypocritical or unfair. They’re revealing they no more believe in the critical emergency they’re using to scare us than the tooth fairy and that it’s just a hoax designed to surreptitiously make us bleed.

The data shows that COVID-19 isn’t any more harmful than the flu.

Dr. Fauci has said the same when quietly addressing his peers.

But he and the rest of the people inflicting these punishing restrictions on us loudly say it every time they violate them is to risk death as they daily breach the rules they claim are necessary to stay alive.

They aren’t being unfair. They’re not hypocrites. And we need to break the natural habit of describing their transgression in those ways.

They’re liars creating a threat they don’t have the slightest belief in themselves in order to create nationwide panic and make the American people bleed.

There isn’t any other possible explanation of their engaging in behavior they claim is a risk to one’s life.

If we don’t start understanding that, and keep accusing them of the comparatively much trivial crimes of unfairness and hypocrisy, we’re never going to get out from under the enormous weight their intentionally crushing us with to try to hurt and kill as many of us as they can.