After Horrific Execution of LA Sheriff's Deputy, Empty Words From Empty Suit Politicians

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While still dealing with the fallout from Saturday night's murder of a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy, those in power were jockeying to make their statements about caring and having sympathy and the usual platitudes they use in times like this. Watching the press conference later in the night with Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna, I believed what he said and took his comments for what they were; a commander that lost one of his own. There was genuine sadness, sympathy, sorrow, and a sense of urgency when it came to finding the animal responsible for the execution of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer.


Today, while working up the courage to write my own piece about the incident, part of the motivation for hitting the keyboard was seeing the disgusting anti-cop posts and comments from the rabid leftist activists who would love nothing more to see law enforcement cease to exist and see more of us murdered. But then I saw something more infuriating: the leftist politicians who say their usual line of BS about having sympathies for the family and blah blah blah. I say that because when it comes to policing in America, the left, specifically here in California, is constantly and continuously spouting anti-cop rhetoric as much as they can. Furthermore, in California, in addition to their rhetoric, they propose and pass laws that restrict law enforcement, defund us, pass laws that make it easier for criminals to re-offend, or laws that just benefit the lawless element in this state. As I wrote in August:

Since the passage of AB109 and Props 47 and 57, state Democrats have made an already hard job almost impossible. A Deputy Sheriff in Southern California, whose identity RedState is not publishing due to the nature of their job, said:

We took a vote, just the patrol guys, and we agreed that we wouldn't do any more t-stops unless we absolutely have to, like a deuce (drunk driver) or stolen car. If we do, we're requesting a unit backup and a sergeant. We won't roll to a call without a partner anymore or a sergeant. We basically just want to shut it down. We're more afraid of our own department trying to fire us than we are of getting hurt or killed. It's just not worth it anymore.

California Democrats, along with Sen. Bradford, are hell-bent on destroying policing as we know it. A perfect example of this would be West Hollywood and their infamous "safety ambassadors," who are just unarmed city employees who just watch the crime happen and report it. Oh, and they eliminated five Sheriff's Deputies from the contract budget to hire the ambassadors. Your car is getting damaged by a crazed lunatic right in front of the Sheriff's Station? They'll just watch.


As usual, however, when it comes to tragedies like last night and what happened to Deputy Clinkunboomer, the Democratic outrage is non-existent. There is no passion, no authenticity in their statements, just the usual drivel. It's almost as if they just do not care—oh wait, they don't. You cannot convince me otherwise; you can try, but it won't work. But then, as if somebody wanted to brighten my day, I saw this video from my Congressman Mike Garcia (R-27) expressing his thoughts about it. Congressman Garcia is a man and politician whom I admire due to his authenticity and steadfast devotion to the Constitution, and there's a little fanboy feeling, too, because he was an actual fighter pilot in the Navy. All of us see what politicians do and say, we see the good, the bad, and the ugly all the time in politics. Congressman Garcia is the good. 

The bad and the ugly come in the form of California Attorney General Rob Bonta and Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom couldn't even be bothered to show up for a presser and issue a statement in person, or at the very least a post on X, formerly Twitter, from his personal account. No, Newsom issued his pathetic statement from the official Governor's Office account that was vague and too much of a "copy and paste" boilerplate statement. It was buried between the tweets about Newsom going after oil companies, climate change, and other subjects that have nothing to do with Deputy Clinkunbroomer. 


His lapdog Attorney General posted from his personal account with a laughable "join in mourning" statement. Both of their statements show how hypocritical they can be. When there is a mass shooting, they all post their rage at the "thoughts and prayers" messages and scream for gun control. Then they go and pass all their gun control legislation to punish the lawful gun owners. But when an officer is murdered, they quietly and half-heartedly say, "Thoughts and prayers, what a tragedy," and then follow it all up with more laws designed to benefit the lawbreakers, and the criminal elements, restricting law enforcement in what they can and cannot do. 

When I was working patrol at Palmdale, we were all issued lockers for our uniforms and other gear. In my locker were the normal toiletry items, extra shirts, uniforms, my gun belt, the usual things. Except for one thing—I had a box with 3 letters in it that was labeled, "In the event of my death, please read and follow." The first letter was addressed to my wife and young son, Daniel. I wanted to be able to give them something in death that my father gave to me, something that they could hold onto for the rest of their lives and re-read. Or, in my father's case, a Christmas ornament that has an audio recording of him recalling a childhood memory of me. He recorded this just before he lost his ability to speak; he died just months after that from ALS. The other letter was addressed to my brother, a man that I have and always will consider a hero, deeply admire, and to this day, look up to. I never get to tell him enough how much he means to me, especially after losing our father, so I wanted to give him a lifelong reminder of that in case I was killed. 


The third one was addressed to a sergeant and man that I looked up to and was close enough to that I viewed him as a father figure. He was also the type of man and leader who would go to any lengths to ensure my wishes were carried out. In that letter, I made it clear to him that I wanted nothing to do with any politician coming to my funeral or speaking about me in any way. I specifically demanded that neither then-Governor Jerry Brown nor anyone in his administration be allowed to attend my funeral. The sheriff was allowed but would not be allowed to speak. The only ones who could speak were my brother and those who worked with me, including the sergeant. I knew, just like everyone else, that most politicians in California really didn't give a damn about us, so why in the world would I let them use my funeral and my family's grief to make themselves look human? I saw a need to have these letters in that box, inside my locker, and I was not the only one. 

I feel even stronger about it now, as the politicians that were once publicly our friends and privately our opponents were now publicly our opponents and privately our enemies. They hate us, along with the leftist trolls that celebrate our deaths and wish for "more dead cops" on any and all platforms. Between the state government and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, they have either publicly denounced us all, or worse. 

RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar has repeatedly exposed corruption at the LA County Board of Supervisors, which in the past five years has defunded the LA County Sheriff's Department, put in place a hiring freeze that forbade the department from hiring the over 1,800 people it needed to fill vital deputy vacancies and succeeded in getting a county ordinance passed which allows the BOS to fire a duly elected sheriff for whatever reason. Their anti-police actions could be indirectly responsible for Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer's death. 


To all my brothers and sisters with a badge, I do support you, and I care about you and your families. Ignore what most of the politicians say about or do to you. Carry on with the work of protecting the communities you serve, watch your six, and stay safe. I know I have said that I'm not a very religious person, but I feel that can set that aside for this. There is a quote in the Bible from the Book of Matthew that says, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." Go do the Lord's work. 



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