Gavin Newsom's 'California For All' Is Paradise Lost

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California, once the land of opportunity and prosperity, has now become a failed state, and the Democratic Party - especially its leader in the state, Gavin Newsom - and its progressive policies are to blame. California's high taxes, lack of proper infrastructure maintenance, and high rates of homelessness are proof of the failure of their policies. In fact, as of August 8, 2023, California is ranked dead last in the nation for opportunity.


Newsom's gubernatorial theme is "California For All," and he means that unironically. Although he claims he's not running for POTUS, he absolutely is, and the thought of a Newsom-style "America For All" should terrify everyone.

Californians are being taxed to death; its residents pay the highest sales tax, the highest state income tax, and are the 4th highest taxed overall in the nation. Which means we have less money to spend on daily needs. The burden is further compounded by the high cost of living, with California taking the 4th highest cost of living position in the nation. Housing costs are particularly high, with the average home costing over $800,000. This has made it difficult for many families to afford to live in California and has led to residents leaving in search of more affordable living.

Californians also pay the most for basic necessities such as housing, food, and healthcare, compared to the rest of the nation. The high tax rates have made it more difficult for people to make ends meet and are driving businesses out of the state. Their tax policies are hurting Californians and are a major reason for California's failed state status.

The high taxes are not just limited to income tax. California also has the highest gas tax in the nation, which has a direct impact on the cost of living. It also makes it even more difficult for businesses to operate in the state. With rising fuel costs, businesses are forced to increase the price of their goods and services, which further increases the cost of living for Californians.


The cost of energy is another area where Californians are hit hard. The state's energy costs are the highest in the nation, making it difficult for families to keep up with their utility bills. The high cost of energy is due in part to the state's reliance on green energy policies, which have driven up the cost of traditional sources of energy. Their energy policies have made it more difficult for families to make ends meet and have contributed to the woes of California residents.

One of the most visible signs of California's failed state status is the state's high rate of homelessness. Despite having some of the most progressive policies on homelessness in the nation, there are over 150,000 people without a place to call home. This is due to a combination of factors, including the high cost of living, and the continued decriminalization of some laws: however, the main causes are the state's lenient policies towards crime, drug use, and mental illness. The main drivers were the policies enacted with the passage of Props 47 and 57, which reduced several felonies like drug possession, theft, and more, into misdemeanors.

The state's infrastructure is also in a state of disrepair. California has some of the worst roads, railways, bridges, and water reservoirs in the nation. They have failed to address the state's infrastructure needs, which have contributed to the state's decline. Our infrastructure needs a major overhaul, and they’ve failed to provide the necessary funding, oversight, and resources to make the necessary improvements. In fact, California ranks 30th in the nation for infrastructure, while at the same time having the worst public works agency (CalTrans) in the nation. 


Another area where we’re not seeing a return on their tax dollars is education. Currently, the state sits at 20th in the nation, compared to Florida’s 1st place position. Even as Governor Gavin Newsom attacks Florida for their education policies, yet we have spent billions upon billions for a system that continues to fail us and our children We have one of the worst education systems in the nation, with low test scores and high dropout rates. Their policies on education have failed to improve the state's education system, which has left many Californians without the necessary skills to succeed in today's economy. Our high taxes should be used to improve the system but they failed to deliver yet again.

Now we're seeing the attacks on parents and their rights to know what goes on in their schools and what the schools are trying to sneak past us. If that isn't enough, AB665 wants to use the power of government to "allow the state of California [to amend] the Family Law Code to legally kidnap confused children." And to top it all off, as if the state of California didn't have enough debt, California's so-called "Reparations Task Force" recommended the state pay out approximately $648 Billion to the estimated 1,8 million Black residents of California. 

California has fallen, and Democrats are solely to blame. Californians have less money to spend, pay the most for basic necessities, and see less from the state when it comes to the return on their tax dollars. California has lost over 800,000 residents, 1 electoral vote, and a congressional seat, and the trend shows no sign of stopping. If the trend continues, which polls suggest it will, California stands to lose more congressional seats and tens of thousands or more people. If that’s a success story, one can only imagine what a failure looks like.


And if Gavin Newsom has his way, his California For All will be "America For All." Regardless of how conservatives feel about the state and wish it would fall into the ocean, brushing the stories of Newsom's failure aside is extremely dangerous, and could be the way we wake up one morning to a President Newsom in the White House.



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