Obama exploits immigrant child crisis that he created

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The Obama administration’s arrogance and penchant for, charitably speaking, chafing the boundaries of legality, is almost boundless.  But dealing with illegal immigration turns the knob past 11.  Obama’s DHS has renewed DACA, the program that allows illegal immigrant children to stay in the US, sort-of-legally.  DACA created the current child-immigrant crisis, and Obama’s keen to exploit it.


I’ll give Obama credit for one thing:  he didn’t create the immigration problem.  He only made it exponentially worse.  Since passing the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 our government has done little to control our southern border in the last 28 years, and the results are predictable—in fact were predicted by Theodore Hesburgh’s Commission on Immigration Reform.

Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, then President of the University of Notre Dame and Chair of the Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, testified before Congress that the Select Commission’s recommendation favoring amnesty was predicated “on one condition: that somehow the sieve that we call a border could be tightened up, that somehow we would bring our illegal immigration under control.”

The sieve has not only not been tightened, it has become a firehose.  In 2011, US Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS), under DHS, announced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  This was basically a hall-pass for illegal immigration: for anyone illegally in the country who was under 16 and here before June 15, 1997, or anyone who gets in and is under 16.

DACA had no Congressional approval, and was implemented by fiat of He With a Phone and a Pen.  It’s patently illegal but has survived multiple attempts to overturn it, including a lawsuit by ICE agents.


Michael Scaperlanda puts it this way:

The administration attempts to justify DACA as a lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion. This claim fails the smell test. Prosecutorial discretion serves to direct resources toward higher priority targets. It is not meant as a way for the executive to undermine the law, no matter how misguided the law might be. A local District Attorney might prioritize prosecuting drunk drivers over jaywalkers. The District Attorney, however, would never expend resources in the name of “prosecutorial discretion” to allow jaywalkers to apply for jaywalking permits in contravention of a local ordinance outlawing jaywalking. But, this is exactly what the Obama administration has done; therefore, DACA is an unlawful exercise of executive authority.

DACA had a two-year lifespan.  Yet, knowing that thousands of unaccompanied minors are flooding into the US over our border with Mexico, DHS has renewed DACA.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson today announced the process for individuals to renew enrollment in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has submitted to the federal register an updated form to allow individuals previously enrolled in DACA, to renew their deferral for a period of two years. At the direction of the Secretary, effective immediately, USCIS will begin accepting renewal requests. USCIS will also continue to accept requests for DACA from individuals who have not previously sought to access the program.  As of April 2014, over 560,000 individuals have received DACA. [emphasis mine]


The message sent to foreign citizens in 2011 was:  bring your kids to America, no strings, no laws.  As an added bonus, if you stay here and don’t leave for any reason, we’ll give you a “get out of jail free” card and give you legal status to be here against the law.

With DACA about to expire, a flood of unaccompanied minors was sent across the border to become “anchor children” for their parents to eventually join them, or sent by parents who could not afford the journey, or to hire a “mule” to get them over the border.  Our Border Patrol was overwhelmed.

It stands to reason if the administration let DACA expire, there would be less unaccompanied minors flooding our borders.  But Obama has doubled down and renewed DACA, while continuing to process new applications.  One plausible reason for this is that  Obama agrees with the extreme position held by groups such as National Council of La Raza: all Latinos, American-born or not, deserve to live in the USA because America has more opportunity than Mexico or other Latin countries.

There’s another reason Obama holds to this:  Hispanics favor Democrats 2 to 1 over Republicans.  In essence, Obama and the Democrats are buying votes.  A 16 year-old in 2011 coming to the USA will now be 18 and can renew their DACA status, get a driver’s license in California, and with lax California voter ID requirements, probably register to vote and in fact, cast a ballot.


If you can’t win elections by convincing Americans to go along with your vision of “Amerika”, then simply let non-Americans vote and win that way.  I’m sure Mr. Putin might be texting Obama to congratulate him on his skill at election manipulation.

Unless DACA is reversed by Congress, the pressure to pass immigration reform will only increase exponentially.  The humanitarian crisis which DACA has created is being exploited (as planned) to force Congress’s hand.  A smoking-gun memo leaked to the Washington Post betrays their intentions:

The memo also noted that Congress could just block the administration’s actions: “Congress could also simply negate the grant of deferred action (which by its nature is temporary and revocable) to this population. If criticism of the legitimacy of the program gains traction, many supporters of legalization may find it hard to vote against this bill.”

If Congress took action to negate DACA, expect bloody murderous screams from the Left of “child-killer”.  Shamefully, Obama is using these children as pawns to implement his goal of universal citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Of course, everyone in the country would know this is happening, if the press covered it.  The press is covering one thing:  the plight of the children; they get tours of detention centers.  As for the reasons those kids are here, and sleeping under aluminum foil blankets at military bases in Texas and Arizona, we hear precisely nothing.


The Obama administration and the mainstream media truly know no shame.


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