Joe O'Dea Is a Different GOP Candidate Which Could Benefit Him in Colorado Senate Race

Colorado Senate candidate Joe O’Dea ad. (Via O'Dea campaign/Twitter)

Every GOP Senate candidate has been endorsed by Donald Trump, except for construction CEO Joe O’Dea. He is a different candidate, running a solid campaign to unseat Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, who is a Trojan horse for Joe Biden.


On Sunday, O’Dea joined Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” to discuss his race with Bennet, and abortion, among other topics.

On abortion, O’Dea said it should be a woman’s decision with her doctor for the first five months. That’s a different message than other GOP candidates; however, that shows that the GOP has different viewpoints, and all views are welcome.

“Look, I think the first five months are critical. That should be a woman’s decision with her doctor. And after that, exceptions: rape, incest, medical necessity, those should be, again, between a woman and her doctor. And I’m going to vote that way.”

Many Americans are pro-life, and some could argue that the majority of the country is pro-life. But the reality is that pro-choice candidates have been winning since Roe v. Wade was overturned, and a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that the majority of Americans prefer candidates who “support abortion.”

Just a month ago, Kansas, a red state, voted to keep abortion legal in the state. As we have said for years, the voters in each state should decide whether abortion should be legal. Some argue that they are pro-life but don’t want to restrict women’s choices or the government involved in such cases.


My colleague Streiff could not have stated it any better here:

“I’m a fairly hardcore pro-lifer (see John Brown’s Raid) and would like nothing more than to stamp out the horrific practice of abortion. That said, politics is the art of the possible. Right now, most of the nation is in favor of abortion (Gallup, Pew). Graham may think that his bill, comparable to most abortion laws in Europe, appeals to the “some circumstances” crowd, but that is not how it will be sold. Last week National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru advocated a similar scheme (New Strategic Thinking: Pro-Life Is Just Too Difficult to Defend, so We Need a Federal Abortion Law. Or Something.). He was pimping a 20-week national ban.”

O’Dea sees where the nation is currently. He is pro-choice, and his critics can’t latch him onto anything negative. So what do they resort to? Donald Trump. Although, when asked about Trump, O’Dea said:

“I’m the only Senate candidate for the Republican Party that hasn’t been endorsed by Donald Trump. Probably not going to send me a Christmas card. I don’t want to see him run again. I don’t want to see Joe Biden run again. I think that tears our country apart, and I think I’m where most Americans are.”

Agree with him or not, O’Dea is a realist, a free-thinker, and that’s why his critics are running around trying to find any talking point to bring him down.


If you look at his Twitter page, half the comments are about Trump. O’Dea has a real opportunity to defeat Bennet, which could cause a political earthquake and hand the GOP a majority in the Senate. We need bipartisanship in Congress again, so the Democrats don’t think it’s OK to spend trillions of dollars and put the country in further debt. Electing O’Dea would be a step in the right direction.


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