'Pawn Stars' Host Rick Harrison Says Biden Administration ‘Has No Idea What It’s Doing’

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On Monday, “Pawn Stars” host Rick Harrison joined “Fox and Friends,” and spoke about how the rising prices have impacted his ability to stay in business.


There has been a spike in buyers and sellers in pawn shops across the country as people deal with inflation and rising consumer costs. Harrison told “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy:

“It’s a real double-edged sword … Basically you have like small business owners and a lot of them got so much PPP money and now the ERC money is coming in to all of them. They’re getting tons of money, which is driving up the price of collectibles and everything else like that, but Middle America, it’s just … crushing them.”

Harrison said rampant inflation has been “devastating” for lower-income families who have just enough money to pay their debts and continue operating. Many Americans are on the brink, and there has been an increase in families and individuals living paycheck-to-paycheck. So much for Biden’s promise to help the working and middle classes of the United States. Inflation has impacted those in every tax bracket, especially working and middle-class people.

“This is devastating because they talk about … we got 8.6% inflation or something like that … across the board, but you talk to people who have lower, middle income, and they have to drive a lot, this affects them a lot more … It’s not 8% inflation, it’s like 25% inflation.”

This is the direct result of printing money and giving out checks since 2020, some of which were necessary, but some were not. We saw much higher demand for everything while there was not enough supply, which played a part in the inflation we are seeing today. As Biden points the blame elsewhere, printing money is how we got into this mess.


Inflation is the highest it’s been in 40 years, as American consumers pay sky-rocketing prices for groceries and just about everything else.

Harrison noted how small businesses had been hit hard by inflation:

“It’s harder and harder to stay in business, and we have a government that has no idea what it’s doing.”

Biden ran on the message that the middle class is the backbone of the country, and although his message was right, he has not delivered for the middle class.

The RNC Research team responded to Biden with this chart from a Harvard-Harris poll:

The same type of pandering from Biden might not work during the midterm election; as Harrison alluded to, it’s harder to stay in business, as more Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.


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