GOP Operative Predicts Donald Trump Will Announce Run for President Early to Prevent a DeSantis Run in 2024

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

CNN contributor and Republican consultant Scott Jennings predicts that former President Donald Trump will announce an early Presidential bid to prevent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from running in 2024.


Jennings observed that given DeSantis’ popularity, specifically with conservatives across the country, he is a Trump-like figure without the baggage. Jennings said:

“I definitely think there are a lot of Republicans out there who voted for Donald Trump twice, maybe gave him money, wanted to see him succeed who know we cannot drag the country and the party through this again in 2024, that he’s the least likely Republican to have a chance to win the White House … And they see someone like Desantis who gives you all of the fight and all of the policy without all the baggage and worse that came with Jan. 6 that Donald Trump will bring.”

CNN host Kasie Hunt asked Jennings if notable Republicans will vote for DeSantis, even if it means that will anger Trump. Jennings said: “We’ll see,” and he added that he sees DeSantis as “more than viable” to not only win the GOP primary but also win the general election.

“I think there are other people, Tim Scott I’m very fond of, as well and Nikki Haley and others … There’s a big field and any of them would be a better choice.”

Although some Republicans and conservatives may disagree, Jennings has a point. Several people have stated publicly that they voted for Joe Biden in 2020, but if DeSantis runs in 2024, he will have their vote. Those are the types of people the GOP needs to win over to win in the general election.


Elon Musk chimed in on the topic as well:

Jennings noted that many Republicans know “in their hearts” that someone other than Trump is needed for the GOP to win and take back the White House. He stated that Trump himself is aware of that.

“I think that’s why Donald Trump is considering launching his re-election campaign right now because that fire I think is starting to build a little bit, and he wants to tamp it out,”

The GOP is finding ways to win over Hispanic voters as they look to retake the House and Senate in November. After the midterms, it’s expected that Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley will announce a 2024 Presidential bid. It is unclear whether DeSantis will run for President or not, but all signs point to him having a lot of support, not just from the GOP and independents but also from GOP donors and insiders.


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