Trump Supporters Try to Convince #NeverTrump to Get on Board by Insulting Them

One of the main reasons Donald Trump is losing is because of the number of lifelong Republicans who refuse to vote for him – #NeverTrumpers if you will. Right after Trump won Indiana and Cruz dropped out, Trump and his supporters were boasting that the #NeverTrump movement was insignificant and would soon fizzle out. Trump himself tweeted at the convention that #NeverTrump was dead.


Turns out, not so much. In fact, not only is it not dead, but it’s growing. Here’s the proof. Numerous polls show that Clinton is getting much more support from her own party than is Trump. Bloomberg shows that she is getting 93% of Democrats, compared to 87% of Republicans who are going to vote for Trump. Monmouth is even more striking, showing Clinton leading among Democrats 92-3, but Trump only leading with Republicans 79-10. Poll after poll shows that Clinton has much more effectively consolidated Democrats than Trump has consolidated Republicans, which is a major reason that Clinton is leading in spite of being tied or behind with independents in many polls.

So the point is getting across that Trump has fences to mend on his own side. Even Trump himself went out and said he “regrets” having said or done unspecified things if it offended any of you low energy politically correct dweebs in the party he currently inhabits. For a normal person, Trump’s attempt at humility was downright embarrassing; for Trump, it was probably the best he has done in his whole life.

Meanwhile, Republicans who have sold out to Trump have decided that they will do their best to bring #NeverTrump on board by.. insulting them. Right now on Rush Limbaugh’s program, you can tune in to hear guest host Mark Belling telling you that if you’re #NeverTrump, you’re driven by greed and ego – I guess based on the lazy and idiotic belief Trump supporters have that the only reason anyone would oppose Trump is if someone was paying them to. If that isn’t to your taste, you can just hear Bill Bennett tell you that the only reason you would oppose Trump is if you put your “vanity and taste” above the good of the country.


Let me just save Belling, Bennett and the rest some trouble: people have tried this “persuasion by insulting” tactic against us for months. People who are way better at it than you are. Unless you’re going to start calling us all cucks on air, gay-baiting us, bizarrely assuming that we are all Jewish and should go to concentration camps, or saying that we should all be deported, you are not gonna outclass the charming Trump primary voters who have been at this since day one with everyone who does not bow before Trump.

Trust us, we have heard it all and we are not impressed. In fact, we regard insults from anyone who believes Trump would actually be a non-disaster as President to be a badge of honor. So by all means, please keep them coming. Just don’t expect this to change anything for Trump.


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