Gallup: American Patriotism at an All-Time Low

Gallup released a new poll yesterday showing that American patriotism is at an all time low in the poll’s 16 year history. Only 52% of Americans say that they are “extremely proud” to be Americans. This number has been gradually declining since 70% of respondents so indicated in 2003.

Most of the drop, according to Gallup, is due to decreased patriotism among young Americans. It’s not all that surprising, when you think about it – for people who came of age after 2004, they have seen our ignominious exit from Iraq and Afghanistan, powerlessness to stop Russia, fecklessness in fighting ISIS, and a President who has spent most of his term apologizing for America’s past.

The culmination of all that is that this year, the choices for President will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – which in and of itself is not a great reflection on our country, or its voters who put them in that position. Trump is right about one thing – there’s a real perception among Americans that America needs to be made great again – it’s just that roughly 75% of America thinks he’s the absolute worst person possible for that job.