Did the Trump Campaign Steal the Jew-Baiting Image from One of His Supporters on Twitter?

As we reported yesterday, Trump finally tweeted something that was too offensive even for him to stand behind, as he deleted a tweet that called Hillary corrupt, complete with a Star of David over a field of money. It looks, at this point, like the Trump campaign just flat out stole it from one of Trump’s many cellar dwelling twitter supporters and reposted it without attribution. Which is super classy.

NBC is reporting that the first known use of the image came from a Twitter user named @FishBoneHead1, whose twitter feed, is, well, pretty typical for a Trump supporter.

Late last night, it looks like FishBoneHead1 more or less confirmed that he was the originator of the image, as he tweeted to The Hill’s twitter account the alleged “original image” complete with a watermark indicating that it was his creation:

It appears that the only modification the Trump campaign made to this image was… to flat out remove the credit for this twitter user so at least people would know who deserves the, uh, credit for this particular piece of Jew-baiting.

And if you’re wondering why people are freaking out about Trump Jew-baiting his supporters, well, I have to assume you’ve never encountered any of Trump’s supporters online.

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