Jimmy Kimmel Interviews the People who are Trying to Ruin America (VIDEO)

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of engaging in the polite fiction that people who voted for Trump in the primary are expressing legitimate grievances or are entitled to really any level of respect. I guess the people who have resigned themselves to voting for Trump over Hillary are in at least a little bit different of a boat, but anyone who actually voted for Trump over literally any other Republican doesn’t deserve any respect than any other person who is trying to destroy America.

Some people try to destroy America on purpose (like ISIS), some through stupid or malicious ideas (liberals) and some (Trump supporters) through handing the country over to liberals because of their stupid dedication to an idiot who is manifestly unfit for the office and destined to lose (and take the whole Republican party down with him). It doesn’t really matter that they are doing it mostly on accident, the end result is the same either way.

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel had some “man on the street” interviews with these mindless automatons, and the results will absolutely NOT shock you, not if you’ve ever interacted with a Trump supporter either in person or online.

Memo to all of you drooling idiots: this is not how exercising your civic duty to vote is supposed to work. If there’s a person – any person – about whom you can say that there is literally nothing he might do to cause you to lose your vote, then quite frankly you deserve to lose the franchise. That is not how a person who gives a tinker’s dam about their country talks about a politician, that is how a cult member talks about the object of their religious devotion.

It is this blind, stupid devotion that got us into this situation in the first place. I get that Trump had some level of surface appeal (I guess) as the campaign started. I don’t begrudge anyone for supporting him as the campaign started. What I do begrudge is the bullheaded insistence his supporters had for sticking with him in spite of the mounting evidence that he was a) unfit for the office and b) likely to get destroyed in the general. Everybody’s got a right to their own opinion but if you shut off your brain, plug your fingers in your ears and scream “LA LA LA LA” all the way into the voting both, you don’t deserve to be treated as anything other than an object of mockery, and you shouldn’t expect it.

Sean Hannity (who makes more money in a year than I will ever see in my lifetime) and his ilk like to patronize the Trumpkins by saying that the “elites” look down their noses at Trump voters because they think the “voters got it wrong.” Nope. “Wrong” was McCain in 2008, or Romney in 2012, or Dole in 1996. Trump is way past wrong. Trump is “crazy.” Trump is “abdication of civic responsibility.” Trump is “I am going to ruin this country through my ignorance, pride and negligence.” And that’s not something anyone has to respect.


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