REPORT: Trump is Too Low Energy to Fundraise, Fighting with the RNC

I know this will shock you, but the marriage between the Trump campaign and the RNC is apparently not going well. Politico reported late last night that Trump – who is relying on the RNC for everything because he never bothered to build a functional campaign of his own – has been trying to dictate everything to the RNC, including who the RNC uses as consultants and vendors. Trump apparently doesn’t want anyone who opposed him in the primary “profiting” off the RNC.


Since virtually all the competent political operatives in the game worked for campaigns other than Trump’s, that’s causing problems for the RNC’s ability to do a lot of things, like, say, raise money. However, Trump still thinks that the RNC’s failure to raise money on his behalf is their fault. Here’s the part of the article that stuck out to me:

While Trump had promised Priebus that he would call two dozen top GOP donors, when RNC chief of staff Katie Walsh recently presented Trump with a list of more than 20 donors, he called only three before stopping, according to two sources familiar with the situation. It’s unclear whether he resumed the donor calls later.

Ha. “It’s unclear[.]” I don’t really think it’s all that unclear to anyone who has watched Trump this campaign season, actually. There’s no way in hell he came back and finished calling those donors.

Look, this is very simple. Trump is such a tough guy and he likes to brag about how wealthy he is and how he could fund this thing just by “selling a building.” Well, if he doesn’t want to work with the RNC and is too lazy to actually make phone calls to donors, I think it’s time he put his money where his oversized mouth is. Sell a building, be done with it, and fund your campaign that way. If Trump really believes he can win, there’s no reason for him not to do this. At the age of 70, surely being President is worth some small piece of the fortune he allegedly owns, right?



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