ISIS Bombing Kills 64 in Baghdad

Just a friendly reminder that all is not well in the Middle East and our troops who are in Iraq are, in fact, in a combat zone. Global news outlets are reporting that a bomb went off in Sadr City, killing at least 64 and injuring almost 100 more. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack and stated that they were targeting Shiite militias:

Pictures of the aftermath of the explosion showed hundreds gathered near a chaotic scene. Blood marked the street, cars had their windows blown out and nearly an entire sidewalk was left charred.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement on social media, saying it was targeting Shiite militias. Police said the bomb was placed in a parked car.
The Sunni terror group has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks in Iraq in recent weeks, including one last month east of Baghdad in which more than two dozen people were killed.

Why does this matter? Well, worldwide Sunnis outnumber Shiites – by about nine to one. And we just gave the foremost Shia-run government in the world – Iran – access to materials that will likely lead to their acquisition of a nuclear weapon (thanks, Bob Corker!). People talk about the threat of Iran using the bomb against Israel, but the greater threat might be that Iran uses it during the course of the escalating sectarian violence that has plagued Islam for time immemorial.


Even more troubling than the clueless bumbling of the Obama administration in the Middle East is the idea that neither of his potential replacements has more of a clue than he does.


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