Does Eric Bolling Support Trump Because He Takes So Much Money from Democrats?

It is no secret that if Trump gets the nomination, this will be the greatest gift that the Democrats have ever received. Trump is strongly disliked by 7 in 10 Americans, and if he is at the top of the ticket, Republicans will face a down ticket bloodbath the likes of which they haven’t seen since probably before World War 2.


So when you see a prominent Fox News personality like Eric Bolling supporting Trump, you are right to ask yourself if there is some ulterior motive. One such motive could be money. Shocking documents have revealed that Eric Bolling is on the take from literally thousands of Democrats, who have paid millions of dollars to his employer.

In fact, in a shocking expose’, the Washington Post reports that over 7,000 Democrats have contributed to Bolling’s Fox News, in a gross amount well into the millions of dollars. In light of this information, the next time you see Bolling shilling for Trump on The Five, you should know that he is probably doing it to keep the sweet Democrat cash flowing.


Of course, the premise of this post is absolutely ridiculous. What I’m doing here is a little bit of “demonstrating absurdity by being absurd.” Bolling, you see, became the latest person to jump on the absolutely idiotic bandwagon of drooling Trump automatons who have found something nefarious in the fact that an anti-Trump Super PAC is buying ads on conservative websites and talk radio shows.



Here’s how absurd this story is: the exact Super PAC that is the subject of the story Bolling references advertises on Bolling’s own show, The Five:  

Here’s how Bolling says it’s different: he’s paid by an employer, not by the advertiser directly!


Let me clue Bolling in to something he really ought to know, working in media: this is how advertising works for literally everyone. Pro Flowers or whoever does not scrawl out a check to  Mark Levin or whoever personally when they advertise on his show. They write out a check to the the radio network that carries Levin’s program, which takes that money and puts in the general fund, where it used to pay for salaries, overhead, material, etc. At the end of the day, some portion of that is paid out to Levin (or Erickson, or me, or whoever) as his salary.


You know, exactly the same way as it works for Bolling and Fox News. So if it’s cool for Bolling to suggest that everyone in the #NeverTrump movement is paid for because a Super PAC advertises on their media (including, by the way, his own television show!!), then it’s fair to say that Eric Bolling does everything he does because he is being paid by Democrats.

Which, actually, would make a lot of his commentary on The Five lately make a lot more sense, actually.


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