Donald Trump Blows off Priests for Life with No Explanation

I am starting to get the feeling that Donald Trump may have already made the decision to run third party. Presumably, since he is advised by morons and incompetents, no one has told him that he won’t be able to get on the ballot in most states at this point, but let’s leave that to the side for the moment: thinking rationally has never been Trump’s forte. Or at least, it hasn’t been for at least the last year.


The latest data point backing up my completely unfounded theory is that Trump has blown off the influential pro-life group Priests for Life with no prior warning or explanation. Per Betsy Woodruff:

Donald Trump just blew off pro-life leaders exactly one week after he angered the movement by calling for “punishment” for abortion.

Trump was reportedly expected to address Priests for Life and the 115 Forum conference during a conference call on Wednesday. But he bailed. Leslie Palma, a spokesperson for Priests for Life, told The Daily Beast that Trump did not dial-in.

Priests for Life is taking the high road on this one, saying that they preferred Trump’s meandering walking disaster of the last week to Clinton and Sanders’ ironclad defense of abortion on demand, all the time, any time. That’s a savvy answer from Fr. Pavone, who knows he might end up having to say nice things about Trump in the general election.

However, personally, I have to disagree. People expect Democrats to support abortion on demand, for any reason, at any time. The fact that Clinton and Sanders do so doesn’t really move the needle of the public debate. If Trump is the Republican nominee, his disastrous answers on basic questions last week will be used as fodder against the pro-life movement for years. And the fact that Trump can’t even call in to reassure pro-life leaders a few days after such a high profile incident is… well, it’s not comforting, to say the least.



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