The One Time Donald Trump Uses Notes

Let’s say this: I think this Pope ought to butt out of American politics forever. Instead of lecturing Donald Trump about it being non-Christian to build a wall, he should maybe lecture Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on how it’s not Christian to support abortion on demand. I know our Catholic readers are not going to want to hear this, and I normally steer very clear of criticizing the Pope about anything, but Francis has long since lost his right to speak about American politics and have my respect.


That having been said, Donald Trump is famous for not using notes any time he speaks. There’s apparently one exception – when he talks about his faith. Remember that the last time he was seen ostentatiously reading something off a note someone handed him, he made reference to “Two Corinthians.” Here he is again, once again talking about his faith, and he has to read something someone else hands him on a piece of paper.


Draw your own conclusions.


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