Donald Trump Cancels All New Hampshire Events Today

I don’t know if Donald Trump doesn’t understand how much the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire expect to have their pinky ring kissed, or whether he doesn’t care. In either event, he still appears to have learned very little from his loss in Iowa. He still isn’t moving any paid staff into state, and he made the decision last night to fly back home to New York, unlike the other candidates in state who dared to “slum it” in New Hampshire hotels.


As a result, the rest of the candidates will be criss crossing the state pressing the flesh today and Trump will be essentially taking a day off while preparing to head to South Carolina over the weekend.

So basically Trump is going to lose at least two days relative to the other candidates of face-to-face contact, which is vitally important in this late-breaking state. Trump seems to be relying exclusively on his reading of the polls, which are notoriously wrong and fickle in New Hamprshire, and assuming that his victory is already guaranteed.

This is exactly what he already did in Iowa, and I hope it nets him the same result.



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