Another Flat-Out Lie from John Kasich

John Kasich, who is well known as the biggest jerk in the Republican field, has released a video in which he attempts to portray himself as the nice, sunny guy running for President. This is laughable to anyone who has seen Kasich’s perpetually scowling face in any of the many debates he has participated in, or listened to his invective against conservatives or people who have opposed his programs, who he has openly called fake Christians.


The real whopper in this Kasich ad, though, is what he says about himself vis-a-vis Obamacare:

Kasich [smiling, which is clearly causing him physical pain]: Politics has become nasty and desperate, and you know, it does not have to be that way. I’ve criss-crossed New Hampshire, held over 100 town halls talking with you. My record: I’ve cut taxes, balanced budgets, created jobs, and rejected Obamacare without leaving anyone behind. We can say no to the status quo and no to fighting and losing. Let’s make this election about something bigger than ourselves. New Hampshire, let’s change the world. Join this fight with me and win. I’m John Kasich and I approve this message.

I am at a loss as to what “rejected Obamacare” might mean, as a governor, unless it meant rejecting the Obamacare medicaid expansion, as over half of Republican governors have done. Kasich not only did not reject the Obamacare medicaid expansion, he used a line item veto to unilaterally override the Ohio legislature to force it down Ohioans throats. Kasich has massively expanded the amount of Ohioans who are on the government dole courtesy of Obamacare, and clearly disregarded the wishes of the Ohio legislature to do it.


John Kasich may or may not have done some good things in Ohio, but to say that he has “rejected Obamacare” is a flat out lie.


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