A Message to the Voters of New Hampshire about John Kasich

Depending on how much you believe the mostly garbage polling coming out of New Hampshire, John Kasich is expected to do pretty well there one week from today. In the last week, polls have been released that show him getting anywhere between 8 and 17% of New Hampshire voters. So apparently some portion of you guys find Kasich to be a compelling candidate, and you have the chance to continue his candidacy, or to kill it. So which will you choose?


Well, consider this. Consider that John Kasich admitted in public that he literally cried over being endorsed… by the New York Times

“Then sir, yesterday, I got endorsed by The New York Times,” Kasich told a crowd during a town hall in Salem on Sunday.

“A couple days ago, I was in my room, and I thought about all of this and I cried,” he continued. “It’s amazing to come from where I came from and have these wonderful things said about me.”

Speaking to reporters after his Salem event, Kasich repeated that it “was a lovely editorial where they said, ‘Kasich’s certainly not a moderate but he knows how to get things done and bring people together.’ I like that.”

This is the heart of the man who wants your votes. How unfair is the New York Times to Republicans? Chris Christie refused to even meet with their editorial board because he considered it to be a waste of his time, and Chris Christie is no Ted Cruz.

As bizarre as Kasich’s statement was, it wasn’t one of the top ten most ridiculous things he’s ever said.

I understand that folks in New Hampshire might be turned off by someone who’s as overtly religious as Ted Cruz and might be looking for someone a little less fervent and open in their Christian beliefs. If that’s the case, then John Kasich is not the man you are looking for. Kasich is every bit as over-the-top religious as Mike Huckabee, except that he thinks Jesus’ name is spelled “John Kasich.” I am not kidding or exaggerating at all. Listen to the man say it with his own perpetually scowling mouth:


Kasich: Well, I think it’s some things, I think first of all I have the experience, and I’ve had success, and I’ve been a reformer all of my life… and, uh, I have a message that, you know, we know a lot of candidates are like the prince of darkness, you know, I consider myself the prince of light and hope.

This wan’t a one-off event, Kasich basically calling himself Jesus. He liked the sound of it so much on the Hugh Hewitt program that he took to incorporating the line into his stump speech for the next several days.

And if you don’t like candidates who use their faith as an excuse to support particular policies, then you are really going to hate John Kasich. Whereas Cruz might use his faith as a reason that he opposes gay marriage (which matters zero to you since the Supreme Court has removed the issue from the Democratic process altogether), Kasich uses his faith as a reason to confiscate your tax dollars and spend them on a massive increase in spending on Obamacare.

If you don’t agree with his massive expansion of government, then you are a bad Christian, and John Kasich wants to buy you a Bible since you obviously don’t own one. Literally.



If you are looking for someone to vote for who doesn’t have a warped messiah complex like Trump and who doesn’t wear his religion on his sleeve like Cruz, then John Kasich is not your man. But if you want someone who was so happy the New York Times liked him that he literally cried, then by all means vote Kasich next Tuesday.


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