This Rubio Video is Pretty Amazing

I saw this floating around on Twitter. I don’t even know if it was made by the campaign or just a guy on Twitter who is a fan of Rubio’s. Either way, it is a pretty awesome video and highlights Rubio’s positive message. Take a look:


Some have criticized Rubio for not going after Trump directly, it it seems clear that Rubio’s pitch to Iowa voters is pretty simple. As the Trump/Cruz feud gets uglier, more personal, and a little more ridiculous every day, Rubio’s pitch is: “Hey, at least I’m not these guys.” It worked on the Dem side in 2004 as John Kerry stunned Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt, who had relentlessly ripped each other to shreds for a solid month before caucus day. Rubio probably won’t win Iowa, but he might well be poised for a surprisingly strong finish.