Donald Trump is a Beta Male Compared to Jeb Bush

Twice in the last month, Donald Trump has gotten his panties in a wad about something someone in the media said about him and stomped his foot until they were removed from sponsoring a debate. First, when the New Hampshire Union-Leader endorsed Chris Christie, he went crying to ABC to have them removed from sponsoring the St. Anselm College debate, even though the Union-Leader has always endorsed candidates before. Then, when the writers at National Review explained why they did not support him, he whined to the RNC until they were removed from co-sponsoring the upcoming Salem debate.

This behavior shows him to be much less of a man than every other candidate in the race, including Jeb Bush (and Carly Fiorina). Let me explain.

Untalented radio host Laura Ingraham and the dozen or so people who listen to her have taken to hilariously calling this website JebState, but the fact of the matter is that we were brutally and continually critical of Jeb Bush from his announcement day up until the time that he fell so far in the polls that he did not matter.

Here are just a few of the harshly critical things we said about Jeb Bush in the early and middle stages of last year:

  • We said in Feburary that he had more in common with Clinton than Republicans, and that he wanted to make Americans subjects rather than citizens.
  • We also said in February that he thought Americans were losers and that we would likely support the Democrat if he was nominated.
  • More from February 2015: “Bush is a man who seems to have lost faith in the American people and perhaps in the nation. He offers conservatives nothing and Americans much less than that.”
  • We said in April that he was so out of touch that “he had no business being in politics.”
  • We also said in April that he was “not ready for prime time.”
  • In May we mocked him for losing a debate with himself.
  • If you want to see the other greatest hits in the “RedState attacks Jeb Bush prior to August 1, 2015” catalogue, you can view them here – be warned, it is an extensive list.

Now, Jeb Bush gets a lot of well deserved criticism for always looking like a kid in school who is standing around waiting for someone to take his lunch money. But to his credit, when we asked him to come speak at the RedState Gathering in the first week of August, he accepted the invitation without a word of complaint. He came, knowing the kind of crowd he was going to face, and unapologetically made the case for his candidacy.

He never once complained about or referenced the harsh treatment he received on the RedState front page. When it was done he took questions from the audience, said thanks for our time, and left.

I still don’t support Jeb Bush, but that is how a grown adult who wants to get elected to office behaves.

Contrast this with not only the way that Trump has gone running to mommy every time someone has said unkind things about him, but also the way he incessantly and endlessly bitches about being treated unfairly by the media. I watched the first 22 minutes of this rally in Pensacola last week, and in that time (which was all I could stomach of the relentless stream of nonsensical and mostly false statements), he said either “it’s so unfair” or “they are so unfair” about the media nine times. Watch for yourself:

This, of course, is the same guy who brags regularly that he hasn’t had to spend any money on his campaign because the media gives him so much free air time.

So here we are, and the guy who’s leading in the polls (as he reminds us roughly every ten seconds that he’s awake) decided to take to Twitter to, for some reason, childishly insult Jeb Bush, who has now become a complete non-entity in this race.


This is not the behavior of a fully grown, responsible and mature leader. It is the behavior of a pathologically insecure petulant man-child. It is the behavior of Biff Tannen, if Biff Tannen’s daddy were fabulously wealthy and loaned him a lot of money so that he could be rich, too, and therefore he never had to learn how to behave like a mature adult in order to get along.

He is, basically, this guy:

And as much as he pretends to be an alpha, his pathological insecurities always come out and reveal him for the true beta he is.