Hillary Clinton Hilariously Claims She Didn't Ask for Classified Info to be Sent Over a Non Secure System

You really have to hand it to the Clintons. If nothing else, they are some of the ballsiest liars on the face of the earth. If Billy Mays were resurrected from the dead and asked to pitch the latest thing Hillary Clinton is selling, he would no doubt respond, “Sorry, I have my professional reputation to think about.”


The facts, of course, are that State Department was forced, virtually at gunpoint, to turn over an email in which Hillary Clinton is discussing getting some classified talking points from one of her underlings. The secure fax on which they were supposed to be sent apparently was experiencing problems, so Hillary said, verbatim, “turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.” This is not my interpretation of what she said, these are her exact words, which you can see with your own eyes here.

This particular email is so damaging to the narrative that Hillary has been trying to spin that she was forced to sally forth and offer an explanation to the press. Her explanation? Never happened.


Clinton is basically saying here, “Look, just because you have an email sent from me in which I asked for classified material to be sent over a nonsecure system, is no proof that I asked for classified information to be sent over a nonsecure system.”


I’m sure there’s some sort of possible dodge in there, but even as a trained lawyer, I can’t see it right now. Maybe Hillary is trying to say, “I didn’t ask for it to be done, I ordered for it to be done.” I mean, it’s a possible semantic explanation for how Clinton’s statement might be technically true, but it doesn’t exactly make this story better for Hillary in the long run.

Anyway, so I hope the Democrats are comfortable with Bernie Sanders as their fallback plan.


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