Republicans Lose Because of Lily-Livered Concern Trolling

Shawn Jesper is the Republican Speaker of the House in the State of New Hampshire. Yesterday on the floor of the State House, he apparently publicly scolded some Republicans for their “inappopriate behavior.” One of the people who was apparently the target of this rant was state lawmaker Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien, who became nationally famous for confronting Hillary Clinton about Bill Clinton’s (alleged) rape of Juanita Broaddrick.


In an unrelated story of the same milieu, the magazine founded by a man who once threatened to punch Gore Vidal in the face on live TV ran a piece yesterday tsk-tsking every conservative who dared to suggest that Obama’s gun control tears might not have been entirely genuine, or who chided the media for their fawning coverage of Obama’s imitation of authentic human emotions. Apparently, we are not supposed to remember that the gun control nuts mocked everyone who expressed thoughts and prayers in response to the San Bernardino shooting – mocking expressions of sorrow or sympathy is completely out of bounds.

I don’t know if the fainting brigade that constitutes the public face of our movement doesn’t understand that their lack of testicular fortitude costs us elections, or if they don’t care. How quickly we forget what an obnoxious jackass the guy was who George Allen called a “Macaca.” In fact, the public memory has forgotten that he even exists for the most part. What the public remembers is that George Allen’s Senate seat is no longer occupied by George Allen, but instead has been continually occupied by an Obama-supporting Democrat ever since Allen lost his cool.


And as far as I’m concerned, Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien is a damn hero. She turned a fluff, feel good event that was supposed to blunt the claim that Hillary Clinton never appears in public with actual voters into an item of national news. Prior to Prudhomme-O’Brien’s outburst, Hillary had felt emboldened to sneak Bill Clinton out on the campaign trail, where he was busy wooing college students and raising a ton of money on her behalf. Now the Clinton campaign is basically a walking reminder of the fact that, whatever you think of Bill Clinton’s job as President, he is without question an accused serial rapist on par with Bill Cosby.

I swear that it is actually more important to some people that they be considered polite and well behaved than it is to actually win elections. That’s of course perfectly fine if that’s your point of view, just get the hell out of elected office and/or political commentary. It turns out, as the last 8 years have convincingly demonstrated, that losing elections has real-life disastrous consequences not just for Americans, but for the security of the entire globe.

If the fact that Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien was (arguably) rude bothers you more than the actual stuff Hillary Clinton will do if she’s elected, then find something else to do with your life because the adults have work to do here trying to prevent the continuation of the Democrat global foreign and domestic policy catastrophe in 2016.


The only thing Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien should be hearing from anyone on our side today is “Great job, are you interested in moving up the political ladder?” Because our side needs more of her, and less of the lily-livered concern trolls who’ve been losing elections and policy fights for decades.


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