This is why FoxNews Continues to Destroy MSNBC and CNN

It’s the day after the San Bernardino shootings, and there are still a billion questions to be answered, and moreover, there are facts coming out on an almost minute by minute basis. Pretty much constantly we have press conferences from various law enforcement agencies, the local hospitals, and so on. This is a developing story in which it appears for all the world that the shooter was radicalized to Islam, was in contact with at least one known foreign terrorist, and had access to numerous pieces of equipment (including the now infamous black SUV that he was shot in) that a person on a health inspector’s salary simply could not afford. Furthermore, many aspects of their attack and gear (including the GoPro cameras) are hallmarks of Al-Qaeda terrorism.


This of course raises the specter of how the shooters got this equipment, who they were coordinating with, why they targeted this conference room specifically, and whether (if it is jihadi terror) there are other active cells.

There is also the somewhat important societal point that the shooters’ neighbor believed that they were up to something, having observed “bizarre behavior” at their home, including work late into the night on suspicious activity in their garage, but didn’t want to report it to the police for fear of being labeled a racial profiler.

I give FoxNews a hard time (with good reason) for the way they cover stories, but to their credit, they have been out there today reporting “just the facts” for the most part. All the information I just rattled off that we now have came from FoxNews.

Meanwhile, MSNBC is doing this:


And CNN is doing this:


I think a person of even sub-average intelligence could discern that if the San Bernardino shooters really were trained and funded by Al Qaeda, then no gun control legislation in the world would have stopped them from getting guns. Al Qaeda, for the love of God, would not be stopped from getting weapons into the hands of an active terror cell just because the weapons are illegal.


You know what is also illegal? Killing over a dozen people in a terrorist attack and wounding over a dozen more. If Al Qaeda isn’t going to blanche at the fact that mass murder is illegal, then I’m guessing that they wouldn’t be too concerned about compliance with whatever “reasonable gun control legislation” CNN and MSNBC want to discuss.

It’s the day after what might be the first major Al-Qaeda attack on American soil since 9/11, and FoxNews is giving people news. MSNBC and CNN are giving people sermons on gun control. And that’s why FoxNews is winning.


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