POLL: For the First Time Since 1989, Most Americans do Not Think it is "Too Easy" to Buy a Gun

POLL: For the First Time Since 1989, Most Americans do Not Think it is "Too Easy" to Buy a Gun

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it utterly disgusting how Democrats and the American Media have ghoulishly and gleefully used every prominent shooting in this country over the last decade to push a senseless and ineffective gun control agenda. Most recently, the media used the shooting of a reporter and cameraman in Roanoke to run a week-long unpaid political advertisement for gun control legislation, before either of the victims’ bodies were even in the ground – putting the reporter’s professional activist father on camera at every opportunity and ignoring the camerman’s father because he had the wrong stance on the message they were trying to push.

Well, it looks like that constant gun control drumbeat by Democrat politicians and the American media is really paying off, in terms of public opinion polling. For the first time since 1989, the majority of the American public does not think it is “too easy” to buy a gun:

For the first time since its inception, a CNN/ORC poll finds that most Americans do not believe current gun laws make it “too easy” for Americans to buy guns.

When asked, “In your view, do existing laws make it too easy for people to buy guns, too difficult, or are they about right?”, 49 percent of respondents said “about right.”

Forty-one percent of respondents said current law made it “too easy” for people to buy guns and 10 percent said they made it “too difficult.” Only 1 percent of respondents had no opinion.

The poll has asked the question periodically since 1989. This is the first time that less than 56 percent of respondents have said guns are “too easy” to buy. In August 1993, 70 percent of respondents had answered guns were “too easy” to buy, the poll’s all-time high.

This shift in attitude is pretty shocking, when you consider how easily the American public is led about by their nose by the media. In this case, though, the reason for the public’s unwillingness to follow the Democrat/media narrative on guns is that it doesn’t make any sense.

Virtually every time the media tries to exploit a tragedy like this to pass some law that will do no good, someone has the temerity to ask, “Hey, would your proposed solution have stopped the shooting that you’re exploiting right now?” The answer typically goes something like this:


If you have enough of these interactions, over a long enough period of time, people tend to start to notice that the gun control advocates don’t know their anus from a hole in the ground, and aren’t people who should be trusted to set policy. As much as they say they are just trying to pass “reasonable gun restrictions,” it is facially obvious that they are trying to pass “gun restrictions that won’t prevent any crime,” but will make it senselessly more difficult for law abiding citizens to own guns.

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