Moloch Must be Appeased


Democrats in Washington, DC are tying up both a human trafficking bill and the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for one simple reason: to an elected Democrat Senator there is no higher good than more dead unborn children.

The Senate Democrats’ behavior in this fight has removed all doubt whatsoever about their motives in this regard. The fight here is not about expanding the legality of abortion or access to abortion. It is solely and exclusively about providing more money for abortions, which can only have one inevitable result: more abortions.

Bill Clinton once declared that the goal of Democrats should be to make abortions “safe, legal and rare.” The Democrats’ war against regulations designed to prevent another Kermit Gosnell indicates that they never really meant the “safe” part. And now, by voluntarily putting the entire business of the Senate on hold because they wish to do away with the Hyde Amendment, they have indicated that they never meant “rare” either. Really, what the Senate Democrats want and have always wanted is for abortions to be “legal, frequent, and free.”

Their position on abortion is completely outside the American mainstream. The media prefers to pose gotcha questions to Republican candidates about whether they support abortions in the case of rape and incest because they know this drives a wedge between Republican base voters and the general electorate. Almost never do they ask Democrats if they support taxpayer funding of abortion.

Support for taxpayer funding of abortion is probably the most outside-the-mainstream political position that is held by more than a single United States Senator. This issue has been polled hundreds of times over the last two decades and the polls consistently and persistently demonstrate that between 70-80% of the American public opposes taxpayer funding of abortion.

By way of reference, support for taxpayer funding of abortion is less popular than 9/11 trutherism, completely abolishing social security, the belief that homosexuality ought to be punishable by jail time, and is roughly as popular as the belief that interracial marriages ought to be illegal. Yet, while the people who believe the above things are treated by the media with the same contempt as something they might scrape off their shoes in disgust, people who believe the equally (or more) extreme thing that Americans ought to have their tax dollars used for a purpose that involves them in the killing of the unborn against their will, this is treated as a point of legitimate contention held by reasonable people.

Regardless of how you feel about the legality of abortion, there ought to be something within the soul of every marginally decent person that is horrified by the ghoulishness with which the Senate Democrats are pulling out every stop in the book for the sole and exclusive purpose of increasing the number of abortions that occur in this country. It’s almost unexplainable except in the context of the Old Testament death cults that required the sacrifice of children to an angry god Moloch.

And whether they do this for the sake of appeasing their extremist donors like Planned Parenthood or because they affirmatively believe in the positive good of more abortions, the end is the same for the unborn children who face the butcher’s knife.

In the end, for Democrats, Moloch must be appeased.

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