Gary Johnson for Senate

Apparently, Gary Johnson is continuing to mull a completely fruitless third-party run for the Presidency. His specific beef is that he performed so poorly because he was unjustifiably excluded from most of the television debates, which he apparently blames on the GOP. I really don’t know how much merit this complaint has – I am under the impression that the media/sponsoring organizations for the debate decide who is included and who is not. Certainly you could have made the case that for much of the race, if you were going to include Santorum and Huntsman, you should have also included Johnson. I just don’t know if he’s taking out his frustration on the right folks here.


I don’t know very much about Gary Johnson. I gather that he is more of a hard-boiled libertarian in the style of Ron Paul, only with much less crazy. Although I don’t necessarily agree with where those sorts of people stand, I’m glad to have them around in the party, especially in the Senate where they can really muck up the works to some good effect. I do know that Johnson remains popular in New Mexico and according to at least one poll, does substantially better than the rest of the GOP field in polling of the upcoming New Mexico Senate race.

I hope that Johnson reconsiders this third party run nonsense. If attention is what he wants, I think he will find that running as the Libertarian party’s candidate for President doesn’t really provide a whole lot of that. On the other hand, I could really get behind more crazy honey badger libertarians in the Senate making Mitch McConnell’s life unbearable. The solution here is clear: Gary Johnson for Senate. Sour grapes never do anything but set your teeth on edge.



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