Progressive Mob Cancels Crowdfund of Comic Book Legend Mike Baron

Mike Baron is an award-winning and celebrated comic book creator. His credits include writing for Marvel and DC. Baron was a long-time writer of The Punisher and the popular comics Nexus and Badger. Those are just a few of his accomplishments, but now Baron can add one more honor to his impressive resume: cancelled creator.


After the success of his Thin Blue Line story, Baron turned once again to crowdfunding for his latest project, a crime drama centered around a Cuban-American hero who fights drug cartels at the border. Baron told RedState crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method of funding cutting edge comics, and he was proud to tell a story that didn’t bash readers over the head with politics, but instead just told an entertaining story with his latest title, Private American.

Many comics pros have turned to crowdfunding to tell stories that the industry no longer tells. Entertaining stories. As a longtime Punisher writer, I asked myself what would Punisher be doing if I were writing him? He’d be on the southern border trying to stanch the flow of human traffickers, fentanyl and terrorists flooding the country. As always, my most important purpose is to entertain. Private American is as exciting as it is relevant, devoid of lectures or bumper stickers. It’s an. exciting, entertaining story.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, if you’re not assaulting your audience with progressive lunacy, you get labeled a right-wing nut job.

After a scathing article from a Daily Kos mouthpiece, Baron’s colleagues and fans realized they could not find his campaign on Kickstarter. The post smeared Thin Blue Line – a story about two police officers riding out a long night of rioting – along with Private American. The author, a person named Starr Mignon, called the comic a “diatribe of racist propaganda” and “stochastic terrorism disguised as a funny book.”



In what amounts to an unprovoked hit piece, a frequent contributor to the website going by the name of Starr Mignon wrote a screed entitled “Punisher Creator Mike Baron Releases Another Racist AF Comic Book.” Not only did the article claim that an Eisner winning comic writer was writing a “domestic terrorist handbook,” she compared the comic (that she has not even read) to “The Turner Diaries” and “Mien Kampf.” The article also claims Baron’s previous graphic novel “Thin Blue Line” was a propaganda comic that told the story “about vigilante police officers who ‘have to’ go on a killing spree in black communities.

Baron says Starr Mignon and Daily Kos editors didn’t even trouble themselves to know what they were talking about, instead making offensive assumptions that ended up giving Big Tech censors exactly the excuse they needed to put his work on a blacklist.

We all know why the book was banned. It’s about the southern border. We’re not supposed to talk about the southern border. We’re not supposed to talk about a lot of things. These people who attacked me have never read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They don’t understand the First Amendment. Anything they don’t like is “hate speech.”


Check out this YouTube video from Michael Bancroft, detailing the situation.

The bottom line is one we’re sadly familiar with these days – Big Tech will circle the wagons to cancel any content creator who doesn’t toe the alt-left progressive line.

Baron is a veteran author who has worked with some of the greatest talent in the industry. When his refusal to bend the knee to progressive mobs pushed him out of mainstream consideration, he didn’t abandon his fans. Baron found ways to directly fund his work. He isn’t asking for special consideration. He isn’t out there bad-mouthing the liberal authors who are putting out work that often betrays the origin of many beloved comics. He is simply minding his own business and growing his own business.

It’s just never enough for the mobs. You will be made to care, or you will be cancelled.

Baron isn’t taking the slander lying down. He has plans to sue Daily Kos and their writer for printing “malicious lies” about this work. His team has set up a (yup, you guessed it) fundraiser to help pay legal costs.

This is the way. The progressive left has felt safe to print lies and slander for far too long, in the vain assumption that all of America lives in the same tiny, pathetic bubbles they do. The only way the ignorant, dangerous bias stops is for it to cost them something. So far it has cost them very little.


Here’s hoping Baron’s work becomes very costly for people like Starr Mignon, and organizations like Daily Kos. It is one thing to have an opinion, good or bad, about an idea or a piece of art. It is quite another to accuse another human being of being a genocidal maniac just because they don’t fit your political ideology. In fact, it’s pathetic.




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