MO AG's Bombshell Thread on Biden Admin Pushing Big Tech to Censor Speech of Big Names

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We’ve seen a lot on the question of government involvement in the suppression of speech on Twitter with the Twitter Files.

But as we’ve reported before, there are other efforts — in addition to the Twitter Files — being made to expose the rot and not just on Twitter. The joint AGs of Louisiana and Missouri sued the Biden administration in May 2022 for alleged collusion with social media to suppress speech on social media platforms and we’ve brought you some of the smoking gun emails in the past.


We previously touched on some of what Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has said in new tweets, but there’s more from (new) Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey on their progress into the Biden administration censorship effort.

“We now have hard evidence that President Biden’s Administration colluded with social media companies to censor differing viewpoints and silence ‘misinformation’ that was later deemed true,” Bailey said.

Here they are trying to go after a tweet from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the troublesome Democrat who refused to go along with the narrative.

That email is from Clarke Humphrey of the Executive Office of the President to someone at Twitter. Humphrey was the Digital Director for the COVID-19 Response Team at The White House. She said they were “wondering if we can get moving on the process for having it removed ASAP,” as though this was a normal thing they did. “We” sure sounds like collusion to me. Oh and “keep an eye out” for more.


As we noted they also trained their eyes on posts by Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren. Lahren’s offense? Just saying that she wouldn’t take the vaccine.

That one was from Rob Flaherty, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Digital Strategy in the Executive Office of the President. Andy Slavitt was also copied on it. He was the Senior Pandemic Advisor to Biden’s COVID-19 pandemic response team.

Here’s someone from Google telling Flaherty how they reduce the reach of “this type of content” on Youtube.

Read the utter gall and arrogance in this one. We only want to know what you are doing to comply with what we say and suppress speech, Flaherty makes clear.


If it isn’t yet clear, this scheme starts at the “highest levels of the White House.”

“These emails confirm what we’ve known all along, the Biden Admin. has been colluding with social media companies to stifle opposing voices,” Bailey concluded. “I will continue to push back against this blatant attack on the 1st Amendment with every tool at my disposal.”

The attorneys general are continuing their case against the Biden administration. But this shows once again, how far down the rabbit hole they were willing to go to make sure social media was complying with their narrative.


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