'Monty Python' Star Fired for Recommending Chappelle Special to Fans

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Cancel culture has gone from amusing to annoying to ridiculous to just straight up communist.

In the latest example of the cancel mobs coming for wrongthink, a famous comedian who was once considered on the cutting edge of social and political commentary has lost a prestigious job opportunity for running afoul of Wokesters.


Monty Python comedic pioneer Terry Gilliam was preparing to direct a production of Into the Woods at London’s famous The Old Vic theater. The comedy veteran had looked forward to mounting the show next year, but then he made a terrible mistake that put everything in jeopardy.

No, he didn’t kill someone on the set of a new film and then do an interview with ABC about it.

No, he didn’t get caught on the manifest of a private jet owned by a wealthy, perverted human trafficker.

No, he didn’t get caught forcing Hollywood actresses to sleep with him or be blacklisted from their careers.

Terry Gilliam’s big sin was recommending a Dave Chappelle show on his own Facebook page. When officials at The Old Vic got wind of the post from the usual complaining suspects, they didn’t just fire Gilliam. They cancelled the entire show.

Comedian Terry Gilliam has broken his silence after his show was cancelled by The Old Vic theatre and said he never thought ‘freedom of recommendation’ would be under threat.

The Monty Python star, 81, was set to co-direct Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into The Woods next year when the iconic theatre in London announced the production had been called off last month.

The move came after Gilliam urged his 495,000 Facebook followers to watch US comedian Dave Chappelle‘s controversial new Netflix show, The Closer.


Gilliam expressed disappointment at the decision that he claims was made to please just a few complainers from within the theater’s community.

It is very sad that a great cultural institution like The Old Vic allowed itself to be intimidated into cancelling our production of Into The Woods by a small group of closed-minded, humour-averse ideologues on their staff, who absurdly, call themselves ”The Old Vic 12”…as if they are the victims of some cruel injustice desperately fighting for their freedom!

‘My unspeakable crime was recommending my Facebook followers to watch a Netflix special by a brilliant and provocative American comedian, and then share with me their opinions.

‘They did and civilisation did not collapse! However, The Old Vic’s artistic credibility certainly has.

‘Freedom of Speech is often attacked, but I never imagined that Freedom of Recommendation would be under threat as well.’

This is the absurdity of cancel culture. Very Concerned People claim to be very concerned about people, and then in the name of social justice said Very Concerned People don’t just fire one person, but every person connected with that person. Terry Gilliam recommended a comedy special and the Very Concerned People put him and everyone in his show out of a job.


In the Cult of Wokeness, there is no room for independent thought. Only the truly faithful are deemed worthy, and eventually every last one of them will be sacrificed on the altar of cancel cancel culture. Their angry gods require human sacrifice. What happens when they run out of “bad humans”?


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