It's Not About the Milk

They say nuance is dead, and frankly, that would be a mercy for nuance if it were true. Unfortunately nuance is not dead. Instead it’s been condemned to a horrific afterlife in the bowels of the hellish landscape known as Twitter, where it haunts timelines and occasionally makes its presence known by rattling door handles and turning the lights off and on. It’s not alive, but not dead enough to ignore.


Case in point – Milkgate.

CNN recently ran a human interest story about inflation that highlighted a white, working/middle-class family from Texas. I’ll let my colleague, streiff, take it from here:

The family in the video lives in a Fort Worth, TX, suburb. They have nine kids (two of their own, six adopted, one foster). The fact that they have opened their home and hearts to seven kids above and beyond their biological children makes them heroes in my book. These are the folks we should be lionizing, not some spoiled brat kneeling during the national anthem. This is the key sentence in the video: “A gallon of milk was $1.99. Now it’s $2.79. When you buy 12 gallons a week times four weeks, that’s a lot of money.”

A family of eleven, most of them adopted or fostered…that’s sweet, right?


Well, here comes the ghost of Nuance, rearing its ugly head in the social media ether and flickering lights on and off.

Some people felt the cold chill of Nuance breathing down their timelines and decided the one time they were going to seek out nuance on Twitter would be to slam this lovely family for…wait for it…drinking too much milk.

Suddenly everyone was interested in the minutia of a story and wanted to know just how on earth this family could go through that much milk a week. Progressive Twitter was furious that CNN would suggest that Biden’s policies are affecting Americans of all stripes and they could not let go of the milk. They were obsessed with milk. It was all about the milk. Milk, milk, milk.


Of course, it wasn’t really about the milk, although that is what they were fixated on. It’s not about the milk at all.

It’s about Tuesday night and the chickens coming home to roost…or the cows coming home to…lactate? I don’t know…I’ll work on it. Anyway, the point is that the progressives are still smarting from a national drubbing on Tuesday, and they’re lashing out. They have been committed to the narrative that if only we could get Trump out of the way we could finally lead America to the utopia Obama had started preparing for us. Trump was the problem and *insert whichever Democrat can win, here* was the answer and if we would just flip the White House back to blue we’d be golden. Trump is the disease, Trump is the problem, Trump is the burden, Trump is the mess….Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.


Milk, milk, milk, milk.

Trump is long gone…so gone that they’ve taken away nearly all his avenues of communication and yet they can’t let him go. They’re stuck to that dude like white on milk. If Trump’s exit was the solution, there can be no way that Americans are suffering now under Democrat leadership. It’s supposed to be perfect now!

So a story about a sweet family who has chosen to share their lifestyle with kids who desperately need families, and who is now struggling with run-away inflation, turns into an indictment of how much milk a family should consume in a week. The progressive loons need this family to be greedy liars because the alternative is to admit that the man they voted for is the greedy liar.

It doesn’t matter if this family buys 12 gallons or 120 gallons of milk per week. Why are we even arguing over that? Who cares? That isn’t the point in any way. The point is that the things Americans spend their money on to support their families and enjoy their lives are becoming more and more expensive and it is laying a burden on American families across the country. Biden’s policies are making things worse and Americans are feeling it in the one place that matters most when it comes to politics- their wallets. They’re hurting and all the progressive cranks can think to do is to call liars anyone who claims we’re not all living in a Democrat utopia.


It’s not about the milk.


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