CNN Story on Milk and Inflation Reveals Progressive Influencers to Be Jerks and Losers as They Trash a Family Trying to Make Ends Meet

CNN Story on Milk and Inflation Reveals Progressive Influencers to Be Jerks and Losers as They Trash a Family Trying to Make Ends Meet
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Yesterday, Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe conceded the Virginia gubernatorial election to Republican Glenn Youngkin as part of a GOP rout that swept all statewide elected positions and returned the control of the House of Delegates to real people. This is McAuliffe’s concession message.

The hard left did not accept this narrative. According to them, McAuliffe lost because he didn’t go hard left enough.

Their spiritual leader, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pretty much agreed with that assessment; see AOC Responds to Tuesday’s Election Results and Republicans Should Thank Her.

As if to prove this was not just some progressive angst, the hard left weighed in on a spot CNN did today about how inflation is kicking the crap out of family budgets in most of the country. Here is the spot. The host is Brianna Keilar, and the reporter is Evan McMorris-Santoro. This is the setup from Keilar.

As the US experiences lingering high inflation, and severe constraints on the supply chain, families are being forced to deal with the consequences in their everyday lives.

The family in the video lives in a Fort Worth, TX, suburb. They have nine kids (two of their own, six adopted, one foster). The fact that they have opened their home and hearts to seven kids above and beyond their biological children makes them heroes in my book. These are the folks we should be lionizing, not some spoiled brat kneeling during the national anthem. This is the key sentence in the video: “A gallon of milk was $1.99. Now it’s $2.79. When you buy 12 gallons a week times four weeks, that’s a lot of money.”


This is not controversial. To CNN’s credit, this story has nothing to do with politics. It is sheer human interest. But leave it to the far left to blast parents for a) buying milk and b) accusing them of lying for stating what is obvious to anyone with kids. First off, I don’t find 12 gallons of milk per week for a family of 11 outside the bounds of the expected. Personally, I haven’t had a drink of unadulterated milk since I was a teenager (as the Irish drinking song advises, ‘bainne na mbó ar na gamhna,’ or ‘cow’s milk is for calves’), but each of my kids goes through about a gallon per week plus we use milk for cooking. This should not be controversial. But it was.

What really set people off was the price of milk quoted. Again, if you shop for a family, you don’t see the controversy. But if your idea of shopping is giving a credit card to the nanny or buying organic at Whole Foods and you are willing to perform unnatural acts to protect Joe Biden, you immediately see a lie.

This was a pretty common reaction. The noted “historian” Kevin Kruse claimed that milk has never, never, sold at $1.99/gallon because “average retail price” and sh**.

If you actually shop, you are familiar with the idea that some products are called “loss leaders.” Grocery stores sell things like milk and eggs below cost to draw you into the store. Last summer, I bought milk at Aldi’s in Charles Town, WV, for about $1.50/gallon. Eggs were $0.73/dozen. This is easily provable by using the internet, just set the date range to end at Joe Biden’s inauguration and Google “milk $1.99 gallon.” You can find that milk was sold in the Aldi supermarket chain for $1.49 only a year ago if you look for it. It is ridiculously easy to prove that even today, milk sells for below the national average price if you get off your ass and look for it…something a real family has to do.

BizPacReview has one of the best roll-ups:

As Mediaite astutely put it, “But because Twitter is the worst, they got dunked on in a manner that reaffirmed nearly every stereotype of East Coast media douchebaggery.”

And the nastiness went on and on and on.

NY Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait sneered, “12 gallons of milk a week may sound like a lot, but they’ve actually had to cut out their milk baths on alternate days.”

Daily Show head writer Dan Amara quipped, “This is not nearly enough milk, I’m picking up at least 30 gallons a day.”

New Yorker writer Jamelle Bouie condescendingly tweeted, “I’m sorry, 12 gallons of milk?”

Another leftist named Tom Kludt snarked, “Honey, could you swing by the store and pick up a dozen gallons of milk? We’re out.”

Media outlets such as The Daily KOS just dripped with vitriol over the family’s struggle:

The Stotler family is pure media-bait. They’re white (because of course they are), they live in Texas (again, of course), and they have a whole bunch of kids, most of them adopted. CNN’s Evan McMorris-Santoro interviewed them about their grocery budget, accompanied by lots of footage of the family—including five or six kids who I am so sure are included on every supermarket run—going shopping.

And this nugget:

Okay, first of all, hold up now. TWELVE GALLONS of milk every week? This is a large family but that is more than a gallon of milk per person. At that rate, maybe they should look into just buying a cow.

To his great credit, McMorris-Santoro finally had enough and weighed in:

As they say, this is how you got Trump.

You have witnessed a collection of shills, grifters, and imbeciles attacking a very admirable family because they stated the obvious. The price of a household staple, milk, has skyrocketed under Biden. They could have done the same with gasoline. Last summer, I paid under $2 per gallon, now I pay about $3.30. If you have a family and have to shop for bargains and worry about making ends meet, then you’ve noticed this. There is any number of reasons that the prices for necessities have nearly doubled in a year, but the inescapable fact is that most of those reasons are connected to Joe Biden and his policies. No amount of belittling a working-class family is going to protect their Precious from criticism.

Now go back and look at the concession statement by McAuliffe and the progressive retorts, and you see the same theme. These people hold the average American in contempt. They don’t understand how we live and what our lives are like, they don’t care, and they are quick to tell you that in plain English. They are as out of touch as the Bourbon Dynasty on the eve of the French Revolution.

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