Monday Mood Weekly Forecast: Tyranny

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Welcome to your official mood forecast for the week. Allow me to grace you with my own personal forecast for the week ahead in news as dictated by our Monday Mood. This is not official rocket surgery, but feel free to take it very seriously.

A judge in Ohio has threatened to jail a young parolee if he refuses to get a vaccine. Cincinnati judge Christopher Wagner was engaging in a back and forth with defendant Brandon Rutherford regarding his sentencing on drug charges. Rutherford was being considered for parole when the judge asked the defendant if he had any intentions of getting the vaccine. The young man replied he did not, to which the judge responded that if Rutherford did not get the vaccine within two months of probation, he would be thrown back in prison. According to the young man’s statement he has every intention of finding a job and leaving his criminal past behind him. But because COVID is the only thing that exists right now, the Ohio court values forcing a man to put something in his body that he does not want over his desire/ability to be a productive member of his community. I hate to keep using the “F” word around these parts these days but…FASCISM.

Senator Rand Paul has been a loud, lone voice for sanity in Congress when it comes to COVID and personal freedom. He rightly warned that America is at a crossroads. We will either comply with tyranny or stake out our ground right now. I’m with the good Senator on this one. Stand and be counted. If we do not, America is on the road to TYRANNY.

Fascist Fauci is at it again. The not-so-good doctor told a publication that vaccines are helpful but the unwashed masses must still refrain from enjoying their lives together…you know…for safety. Indoor dining is still a no-go for the bureaucratic stooge, and surely he’s not been inside one these past 18 months. I’m sure if someone were to look into that we’d see Fauci being adamant in his personal life about not dining indoors in public. The Mask Muddler surely would never be caught being a hypocrite! Meanwhile in Martha’s Vineyard, the Obamas held a lavish 700-person birthday party for the former President. Tyranny for thee but not for me! 

Big Tech continues their assault on reason. Over the weekend Twitter banned RedState founder and political pundit Erick Erickson for simply tweeting a logical, biologically sound, scientific assertion.

It is terrifying to think that we are now in a position where defending womanhood is considered subversive. Misogyny is tyranny.

And finally, the state that invented American tyranny is undergoing a huge recall election right now for Governor Gavin Newsom. But you didn’t expect the Sacramento swamp creatures to go down without a fight, did you? As RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar reported today, the state has quietly been making moves to allow recall voters to print ballots from home, an order that conveniently expires in December of 2021. Tyranny must cheat to win.

I’m afraid this week is not looking great on the forecast charts. We’re in for another week of tyranny boosted by fascistic cold front. Grab your thermal underwear and start digging those trenches. We’re gonna be here for a while.



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