Monday Mood Weekly Forecast: Insanity

Jennifer Van Laar/RedState

Welcome to your official mood forecast for the week. Allow me to grace you with my own personal forecast for the week ahead in news as dictated by our Monday Mood. This is not official rocket surgery, but feel free to take it very seriously.

Thousands of illegal immigrants continue to stream across our southern border, unabated. Many of them are testing positive for COVID and are simply being put onto buses and released into the general population across the country. This is happening even as many state and local governments are re-imposing COVID mandates because of surges in Delta variant cases. So American citizens are subject to a new round of restrictions, and children in Los Angeles have to get their nasal cavities swabbed every week just to go to school, but we are releasing thousands of COVID-positive illegals into our population at astronomical rates. Two syllables…IN…SANE.

But wait, there’s more! The Biden administration wants to pay the legal fees of those illegal immigrants streaming across the border right now. American business owners spent a year in limbo, forcibly shut down by their own governments, forcibly losing vital income, and continue to face arbitrary restrictions that limit profit and accessibility. Yet they, as taxpayers, are expected to fund the free but illegal movements of illegal immigrants? Insanity times eleventy billion.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was caught behaving badly and flouting her own hysterical mask mandates. The birthday girl hosted a huge celebration mere hours before her the mask mandate for her city went back into effect. She held the maskless event despite being so concerned about the spread of COVID that she reinstated the mandate. Sure, she technically did not break the mandate, but you’re either worried about the maskless or you’re not. Bowser seems to be the latter despite her insistence on the rest of us being terrified.

But wait, there’s even more! Bowser didn’t even wait 24 hours to act up again, skirting the mandate line that was set to go into effect that Saturday morning. That’s when she officiated an indoor wedding where she and most attendees were caught maskless.

Bowser officiated at a wedding at The Line DC, a four-star hotel in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of the city, at which there were hundreds of unmasked guests, including Bowser. Someone from the Examiner was there and then tried to go up to her to ask why she was violating her own mandate, but security “blockaded the free press” and she was escorted away.

Dems are defending her, saying she didn’t officially violate the mandates, but at the very least it seems she timed the mandates to match her social schedule. Again, you’re either scared of COVID spread or you’re not. Is Bowser a careless super spreader, murdering grandmas to satisfy her own social calendar? Or is she lying to her constituents about how worried they should be about the virus? It’s one or the other, but it can’t be both. On top of that, former President Obama is planning a 700-guest birthday party for his 60th. What messages are the Democrats intending to send? Insanity is the only descriptor, here.

An Australian man who mutilated his genitals, took estrogen treatments and then declared himself a woman has been allowed to compete in the weightlifting category at the Olympics. Laurel Hubbard ended up flaming out of competition, but rules governing who can be considered a “woman” in international competition are actually inconsistent and arbitrary. Caster Semenaya is an African woman and defending 800-meter champion who was denied Olympic entry because her natural testosterone levels were too high. The estrogen threshold for Olympic runners is higher than it is for weightlifters and the rule varies across all sports. As it turns out, Semenaya’s testosterone levels are ‘naturally high’ because she might actually be a he after all. The point about the arbitrary nature of rules for determining what a woman is in sports still stands. If the world could find the will to stick to science and the entirety of human history, we wouldn’t need complicated testing and estrogen level checks to determine womanhood. We’ve been doing it the old-fashioned way for all of forever and its just fine. Insanity.

My friend shared this quote today and it’s salient.

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.” – St. Antony the Great.

The Monday Mood is predicting this week’s forecast to be: Complete and utter insanity, with a chance of hypocrisy.



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