Here's What the Arizona Audit Is Really All About

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You know the election audits are over the target when Democrats are screaming about them being a waste of time. As the Arizona audits continue and audits in Georgia show significant discrepancies, the left wing politicos have dropped all semblance of rationale as they hiss and boo about “big lies” and Donald Trump.


As Tucker Carlson recently pointed out, if there’s no there there, what’s the big deal? One would think progressives would be excited to prove wrong those who think the election was fraudulent. One would think they’d be encouraging these audits, if for no other reason than to dunk on conservatives when they are ultimately proven right. And if those progressives think that audits themselves may be corrupt, does that not reinforce the point that perhaps the American people should concerned about election integrity?

There is no mechanism by which Donald Trump could be reinstated as POTUS in the event of proof of massive fraud. While there are many conservatives that hold on to this hope, it is little more than that…hope. Still, the audits are perfectly reasonable and even necessary if the American people are ever expected to move on from this and trust future election results. To avoid the chaos that is currently tearing our nation apart, it only makes sense to make every effort to bring transparency into the elections process.

In an Arizona Senate hearing on the audits, Senator Karen Fann gave an excellent and reasonable explanation as to why these audits matter, and in fact why they are absolutely imperative. Listening to her reasoning, it is hard to imagine anyone taking issue with a process that allows voters to peek at the integrity – or lack thereof – of their own election process.


Fann says these audits aren’t about Trump, they are about transparency and restoring faith in the election process for the American people. She reminded the detractors that “voters are constituents” and they have expressed fear and reservations about vote-counting in their state. As representatives of their constituents, it is literally the state senate’s job to respond to those questions and provide answers, if that is what the people desire. The Senate has the responsibility to ease those fears by proving them wrong or by proving them right and passing laws to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

It’s hardly radical, but to hear the Democrats tell it, it’s equivalent to a Hitlerian coup.

Fann’s explanation is about as logical and reasonable as it gets. It’s hard to find a reason to say she is wrong here. The audit is for the people, not the pundits or the Swamp.

If our procedures perhaps are lacking in some way, this is a great opportunity — let’s fix that, because that’s what this body does. We pass laws.

Someone tell that to the Texas Senate Democrats.

Here is the full transcript of her brief remarks on the issue. Video below.

[We want to] make sure everybody knew, which we told you as well in the very beginning, is, this is not about Trump. This is not about overturning the election. This has never been about anything other than election integrity. This is the epitome of what America stands for, and if we do not have confidence in our electoral process, then everything we do in life is jeopardized. There was a poll that was recently done that [said] 45% of people in Arizona, according to that poll, believe that we have serious problems with our elections. Whether that is true or not, whether they are rumors and unfounded accusations or legitimate problems, for whatever reason, as a Senate body, we felt that it was our obligation and our duty to answer.

Our voters are constituents. [We must] answer those questions and either confirm what they were afraid of or thought or heard, or that we prove that those things were not true so that they could go back to the polls and they could vote with confidence knowing that their ballot is sacred.

I just wanted to make sure that everybody is fully aware that this is all this is about, is election integrity, and are we following the rules, are we following the procedures, have we done everything we possibly can to make sure these are fair, clean, honest elections?

If we do find anything, if you do find anything of whether we can pass laws that would help ensure that we have more Integrity in the future, if our procedures perhaps are lacking in some way, this is a great opportunity for us to be able to say, “Let’s fix that,” because that’s what the body does. We pass laws.

We have accomplished this because the Constitution gives us the right to subpoena information for the purpose of passing laws. And with that information gives us the tools to be able to either tweak existing legislation or create new legislation to make sure that the sanctity is always there.



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